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s14 I got a short and burned most of my chasis harness

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so i was diving then i started smelling burnt i hope it was the car next to me and to my bad luck it was me. My car turned off, i open the hood and i see the main harness that that comes out from the fuse box B was burning so i disconnected the battery. So i think what happen is the my passenger side marker maybe got rub by the tired, insulation got stripped and make a short.

I check the harness all around the hood and realize there is a wire that got really hot burnt off its own insutlation plus all other insulation on the cables that run with it.

:questionmark:What should I do. I already check continues current with my multi meter and some cables seems to be shorted. Should i buy a new set of harness, is there a chanse my ecu burn, wat is the actual name on the harness so i can look it up to buy?:questionmark:
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I got all the wiring for sale if you need...
I got all the wiring for sale if you need...
^ why don't you introduce yourself before trying to sell your shit.

BTW: Ive got a spare, pm me if you want it:giggle: 95' non abs, 0bd 1
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