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Swapped in new motor, so selling many supporting parts needed for a KA-t engine setup. Willing to ship anywhere within U.S.

Please PM on here or DM on instagram @Cleantune

More pictures of parts:

Parts list:
(Currently putting together the parts list, will be updated very soon. In meantime if you have any questions, please feel free to ask)


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More parts FS, DM On here or instagram (@Cleantune) for best price shipped :)
Lemme know if you want pics of anything specific

Engine: (*sold)
• KA24de Block + extras (silver color powder coated covers, brackets, etc; *pickup or ship at buyers exp)
• KA24de Head (not sure what’s in there, but was built by engine shop w/ aftermarket cams, so may have some “goodies”, will include cams that were in there, but highly recommend switching these out as they do not seem to match and at least one (if not both) are BC, which used to be labeled “intake” or “exhaust”, but needed to be switched when putting them into the inline version KA that was in S-chassis (*pickup, or ship at buyers expense)

• S14 intake manifold assembly w/ 555cc side feed injectors (200)
• S14 KA24de blue powder coated valve cover w/ aftermarket aluminum oil cap (*sold)

• S14 KA24de transmission + new uninstalled seals (*no shifter; pickup or ship at buyers expense)
• Competition Clutch “Whiter Bunny” complete clutch assembly machine shop balanced
• S14 clutch cylinder + bleeder assembly
• S14 axles (anti-corrosion black painted)
• S14 open differential w/ KAAZ Super Q 2-way diff w/ Poly bushings (only used for 3 driving events)
• S14 VLSD complete differential (*Pickup or willing to ship at buyers expense)
• S14 open differential (center gear section only; what clutch-type replaces)
• S14 non-abs OEM Driveshaft (*pickup; unless I can find a box)

Turbo and support parts:
• Precision .60 A/R inlet/ .63 A/R outlet journal bearing (*needs rebuild; includes bolt on oil drain tube)

• S14 Tanabe Concept G Blue Exhaust + midpipe and piping from cat back; cat/test pipe not included
(video link:
; mean deep tone; please pickup, ship at buyers exp)

• K+N/AEM dry cone filter w/ aluminum pipe and 45 degree coupler (30)
• S14 KOYO Radiator w/ Dual Flex-a-lite electric fans (includes other side of pigtail)
• GReddy Front Mount Air-to-air intercooler (90 degree input/output-makes it easier to mount inverted)
• Front Mount intercooler piping w/ couplers (aluminum)
• Front Mount intercooler piping w/ couplers (steel)

• Apexi turbo timer (black color housing) + HKS S14 adapter harness
• AEM wideband gauge + sensor
• AEM standalone ECU + MAP sensor + AIT sensor
• S14 KA24de chassis wire harness + fuse boxes
• KA24de powersteering pump and reservoir; includes new seal kit

Brakes and Suspension:
• S14 Front and rear (full set) 5-lug non-abs brake rotors (NEW)
• (New) Brembo S13/S14 4 lug front brake rotors
• S14 OEM brake calipers (full set)
• Stoptech slotted rear rotors 4 lug
• (2) S14 Brake Master Cylinder
• rear S14 Stoptech stainless steel braided lines
• GKTECH Euro stainless steel braided lines

• S14 GKTECH extended (+25mm) Front Lower Control Arms
• S14 Cusco adjustable toe rods
• S14 Cusco front sway bar (*Sold)
• S14 rear knuckles (painted black w/ red Energy Suspension poly bushings)
• S14 front knuckles
• S14 front lower control arms
• S14 tension rods

S14 Exterior:
• S14 OEM metal hood green color (*pickup or ship at buyers expense
• S14 OEM hood release
(*sale pending)
• S14 OEM Front Bumper w/ turn signals + side markers
• S14 2F Performance Fiberglass Front Bumper (Shipping damage on corner)
• S14 OEM windshield washer tank

S14 interior:
• S14 rear seat belts (pair)
• S14 front seats (pair)
• S14 interior trim (A pillar, B pillar, Rear quarter, behind rear seat)
• s14 glovebox door (*sold)
• S14 head liner
• S14 complete glass sunroof assembly w/ motor and cabin controls
• S14 OEM Steering wheel (*can only ship wheel itself, but willing to do pickup for the center section containing driver airbag)
• S14 passenger airbag (pickup only)
• S14 center console (black color, center door stays closed, but could use spring for latch)
• S14 interior sun visors

Universal items:
• Autometer manual boost gauge
• Walbro 255 LPH in-tank fuel pump w/ pigtail (swaps with OEM pump, enough for boost) (*sold)
• WeaponR coolant round aluminum coolant overflow/reservoir tank
• PBM aluminum swirl-pot/coolant breather w/ radiator hose adapter for Nissan chassis
• Pioneer radio head unit (teal/black display w/ animations; CD player; XM-Ready (*sold)
• Moroso crankcase EVAC system
• PBM Fender roller

• WORK VS-XX Chrome faces 3-piece 4x114.3-lug wheels (S13/S14)
• WORK Rezax Chrome faces 3-piece 5x114.3-lug wheels w/ extra lips (S13/S14)

*unless noted w/ “ship at buyers expense” price given will be shipped w/ all fees included in given price.


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Sale is pending on the AEM, but I believe it's an early gen one. Plug and play with an OBDII harness, but could prob do a conversion. Harness jumper section. I used to use an s13 ecu with a jumper harness from the obdII s14 chassis harness.

I'll update if this stuff doesn't sell.

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Northeast, near Philly

Have some larger parts that would be great for pickup too:

-OEM S14 metal hood (fresh DN1 green paint) w/s14 shield emblem

-OEM s14 OEM kouki usdm bumper w/ signals and sidemarkers (fresh DN1 green paint, matches hood)

-Koyo aluminum radiator w/dual flexalite fans

- FMIC kit w/piping, couplers and clamps

- 2 sets of 4 WORK wheels (VSXX and Rezax II)

-s14 oem reclining seats, sunroof assembly. Headliner, plastics etc

-2FPerformance Superdoof (dmax style) S14 fiberglass front bumper, un painted, top passengerside need repair (shipping damage)

* again if its not listed please feel free to ask I might have it and I'm going to give you a good deal on pricing.

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Sry I missed your message, yes still parting out.
Im interested in:

OEM S14 metal hood (fresh DN1 green paint) w/s14 shield emblem

-OEM s14 OEM kouki usdm bumper w/ signals and sidemarkers (fresh DN1 green paint, matches hood).

If you have fenders and headlights ill buy them as well.

I wrote you on IG.

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Im interested in:

OEM S14 metal hood (fresh DN1 green paint) w/s14 shield emblem

-OEM s14 OEM kouki usdm bumper w/ signals and sidemarkers (fresh DN1 green paint, matches hood).

If you have fenders and headlights ill buy them as well.

I wrote you on IG.
Yes still have mentioned parts. I may be willing to part with the fenders and possibly the headlights as well. I sent a reply on IG too. Pickup for these large items would be preferred, but we may be able to setup shipping.

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Updated parts fs list
More pictures:

Some prices (*Prices Don’t include shipping)


KA24de transmission (no shifter)- 50

Solid aluminum transmission mount- 8

Competition Clutch White bunny clutch setup (closer in spec to the “Whiter bunny” clutch setup size wise- 350z clutch plate and clutch and RB flywheel if I remember correctly. Pedal feel is similar to an OEM setup with ability to modulate clutch, but a much larger surface area so more strength and better cooling **also fully balanced the pressure plate and flywheel at machine shop. Used maybe five hundred miles, if that- 200

KA24de Non-abs OEM driveshaft – 10

Ka24de OEM VLSD – 40

Ka24de OEM helical center gear section (part that is usually welded)-20


OEM radiator hoses- 5

Weapon R aluminum coolant reservoir w/ mounting bracket and hose- 50

OEM S14 plastic coolant reservoir- 5

OEM s14 windshield washer tank and filler neck- 30


CUSCO s14 rear adjustable toe rods- 120

OEM S14 front knuckles – 110

OEM S14 front lower control arms – 25


StopTech rear braided lines – 4

OEM S14 2 piston front (pair) + rear one piston rear (pair) – 20

StopTech “slotted” rear rotors S14 4-lug discs (low miles, pair)- 30

Brembo “blanks” front rotors S13/S14 4-lug discs (*NEW pair) – 40

OP parts S14 5-lug rear rotors (*NEW pair)- 30

OP parts S14 5-lug front rotors (*NEW pair) – 40

OEM S14 Brake Master cylinder (2 available, one missing yellow cap) – 20 ea

Other parts:

GReddy Oil Catch Can – 40

Tanabe Concept G Blue Stainless 3” exhaust w/ hollow hangers and removable silencer piece (everything that bolts on after the down pipe, except the test pipe/cat) -480
Video link:

Precision GT3561E (.60/.63 A/R; GT Turbine; T3 w/ T04 compressor housing, 5 bolt exhaust housing to downpipe **needs rebuild, includes AN lines (-4 and -8 and block “T” fitting) and bolt on drain -180

AEM/K&N cone filter (both logos are on the filter) w/ 45’ silicone coupler and short aluminum pipe 3” inlet, cone portion 6” diameter at base tapered to 5 ¼” at top, filter element is 9” long - 30

-OEM clutch master cylinder (req new rod. Swapped this one with new replacement) and slave cylinder- 20

S14 OEM seats (driverside missing plastic cover for handle)- 200

-s14 hood latch and pull release cable- 30

-s14 OEM steering wheel-50

-s14 steering wheel airbag (pickup only)

-s14 passenger side airbag (pickup only)

-s14 seatbelts front and rear (open to offers)

-s13/s14 aftermarket seat double locking ("D-lock"/zero play) low mount slider brackets. Mount in OEM driverside seat location for use with mounting aftermarket seat- 180

- s14 2FPerformance front fiberglass bumper unpainted *shipping damage on upper passengerside corner, in one piece just multiple cracks on upper corner between where the front wheel well is to the rounded corner is and where the passengerside opening is - open to offers

-Eastwood single stage gallon of paint "destroyer gray" w/ activator - open to offers

- new s14 A1Cardone OEM brake booster- open to offers

-Moroso crankcase evac system -open to offers

-Euro spec (seats didderent than USA spec) stainless steel GKTECH brake lines z32 calipers- open to offers

-used z32 fuel filter and hose- open to offers


-Work VSXX chrome 4x114.3 18x8/9 +38 with tires -open to offers

-Work Rezax II chrome 5x114.3 18x8.5/9.5 +31 with original lips. Currently aftermarket lips installed so specs are 18x11+12/18x12+12. Comes with both sets of wheel lips new valvestems, all centercaps and original WORK hardware; just needs silicone sealant and new valve stems installed before mounting tires if using currently installed lips- open to offers

Feel free to contact me on here or insta @ cleantune

Thanks for looking!
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