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SC 61 or T2871r

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wanting some quick spool. .20 overbore. got my eagle rods, bearings, bc pistons, cometic headgasket, ARP head and main studs, rebuilding the motor to brand new spec. wanting quick spool. now i am ready to start on the turbo i want. i've got some friends who use both of these and they agree as to either or being a really great turbo. so which would you guys do? and other suggestions are welcome too. goin for the 350-400 hp range.

others include stage 5 sprung clutch, 2-way diff, gettin slammed on blabbity blah, and bride seat. wanna be streetable, and i'm always swapping parts. dont forum much, but ive been here for a while.
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I assume you mean gt2871r.

Comparing a gt28 to a sc61 is a retarded. If you want quicker spool time go with the smaller turbo, gt28. If your after topend power and more horsepower go with the sc61. I doubt you will be able to squeeze 400hp out of a gt28r. What are you using the car for? drag, drift, autoX, etc?
i did mean GT28. yeah the g doesnt work so well on my keyboard at work. but its a daily driver deal. mainly to slide around and just do photoshoots. not much for beating on it incredibly so drags fun, but not in my area. i've seen used GT28's and it is really just a price thing, but over a while the sc 61 would pay for it self if it lasted me a few years. but hell, no ebay is going into my engine. this car has to run beautifully when i'm done.
I didn't say one word about ebay. How would a sc61 pay off in the long run? Its not like its more reliable then then the gt28. You will get more power and topend from the sc61, but for you uses of daily driving and reliability I would go with the gt28.
eh i guess it comes down to preference. i want to get gobs of power when i want it, but not ultimately sap the life of my engine to exremely.
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