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Semi-Newb Q:Suspension Setup

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I would like to know what the basic, and most common things to do to my suspension to stiffen/lower my car and give it a better ride are, like:

New bushings
Strut tower bars
Boxing A-arm
Aluminum subframe bushings

I would just like to know what everyones doing, and the name of some good coilovers and bushing kits. Thanks.
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I've got tein flex coilovers, ST sway bars, tension rods, traction rods, f&r upper control arms, and e.s. polyurathane bushings on my Z and it handles amazingly. I plan to use a similar setup on my 240 when I get it. I may give the megan racing coilovers a try or the k-sports. I've heard good things about both, but I have no first hand experience with them.
you ever take your car on long high way drives? is it your DD?

my car is my DD and i got tokico HPs with S tech springs (wish i would have gotten eibachs) its just about as stiff as i would want it for a DD. with a set of sway bars, tension rods, rear upper arms and a couple bushings my suspension will be set.
i just got my megan coilovers installed....feel so good, adj. tension rods, hardened tie rods and ends in the mail, ebay front and rear strut bars, planning on doing poly. bushings and subframe inserts, as well as traction rods, rear control arms, and eventually sway bars....
coilovers are overrated.

read my setup up in my sig.(Slappys car).it handles great..nice and stiff with no roll.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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