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Short intake feedback

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Ok now i know this pic is an s13, but i want to know if anyone has done a short intake like that and has pics of their set up. I have one going through a hole on the passenger side fender. What im trying to do is make the intake short so that i can run in the rain without having the fear of waterlocking my motor. I have done a setup like that before but i didnt do it right which threw a maf code. Now that the original custom short intake is in there, i want to make it shorter so that water cant get sucked in it.
Heres the setup i want off an s13:

heres what i have currently

Now Can anyone tell me that this is a possible mod or not? I want to be able to get some low end from it just like it is for the current one

Let me know if its possible and how and where i should cut to make everything fit. It would be great because i plan on keeping the new car now and want to get it where i can drive in the rain again. :feedback: thanks and god bless the ones who actually help.
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I do not understand what your trying to ask...

Your asking if its possible.... when you show pictures of it already done...
No i havent for an s14. theres limit space there to do a really short intake like the first link. The second is a cold intake as in the stream of air that comes through the gap on the bumper where the fogs usually go. I dont want that one. I want the first one.

What im asking if anyone has done it to their n/a s14 ka24de so that i can see how they did it so that i get an idea how to do it for me because i fucked up the maf reading the first time.
im still confused about what your asking here. Edit your original post and type it out properly so people can understand.

Im tired of reading your posts that make almost no sense.
The second pic is only a few inches can see the MAF. Either way, S13/S14 won't matter. Same engine. Get some pipe, move your battery to the trunk, make it happen. Not complicated.
The second pic is only a few inches can see the MAF. Either way, S13/S14 won't matter. Same engine. Get some pipe, move your battery to the trunk, make it happen. Not complicated.
I thought that might have been what he was asking, but then thought it wasnt just because its so obvious.

Boostin is right.
Yea i know he is, but i had trouble making it short like the one on the s13. It bogged alot and died most of the time. Then lost a tremendous amount of power because it felt like the car was dragging a car behind it. I cant explain how that happened. It might have been a leak. But i want to shorten it to keep the filter out of the rain. Just point out where it would be best to cut to not have any power drains or anything. do realize you're going to heat soak like a mother f'er and lose power there too, right? Between the metal pipe and the open element filter now in the engine bay.....yeah. Probably going to lose power.
So what are you saying that i Should keep it where it currently is now? I mean if your running turbo wouldnt that bring in heat since its in the engine bay too and on the exhaust side?
Yes. However, the turbo is pushing enough power to help compensate, and has an intercooler to cool the charged air. You having neither, the stock airbox will help.
BTW that breather on the VC is a Vacuum leak. Just thought I'd throw that in there...
sure it is when every 240 ive seen thats n/a has it and has had never a problem. So like they say if you do something to your car and it doesnt cause problems then its not a problem. It gave me problems when i had it on. It ate gas so fast i had to fill it up in 2 days. Now i fill it up in a week and a half. Say what you want you arent driving it or know my driving habits.
Someone doesn't know how a PCV system works.......

To each his own.
Lol, funny how this thread turned out
Oh i know how it works, i just know that it didnt do its job when it was connected to the air intake the first time. I drive 3hrs to class everyday when i had it connected and every hr and a half i had to fill the whole car up. Thats how bad the pcv was when it was connected. Its suppose to recirculate fumes from the crankshaft bank into thje car to be burned, well the werent it didnt help when it was being recirculated. So i vented it and now 3hrs is nearly half a tank of gas. Thats a big difference from having it recirculating to vented. If you dont agree, take a 3hr trip with it vented and unvented and compare it. My car may be running different. Not every car out here will run exactly the same. 1 is rich, one is lean, one is in between. All turboed is rich. N/a is usually between rich and lean. Im running almost 100% in between because since i vented the pcv my emission gases has been going down. My nox and c02 are 2x less than my first emissions test with the car having the pcv recirculating and i was told that is a really good improvement by CAF and the emission station. If you disagree that if your emissions are low is good then whats good emissions, when they are higher than normal? That seems odd to me because the 5 places near me say no.
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Sure i can see its a leak, but you can tune the car to run with it and pass emissions. You know those 3 little lines that come out underneath the throttle body? One usually connects to the air intake with the IACV hose. Well those are blocked off by me and the car is tuned to compensate everything and the car has never had a problem since.So i think what i did is a good thing if i havent ran into a problem in more than a year of having it.
Since you claim to know everything, why are you ranting and raving and causing a fuss? Your magic car that burns through gas like a fat kid at Krispy Kreme is running tuned and perfect, ALL turbo cars run rich, and emissions people don't know what they're doing.

I smell warnings/temps coming.
Hey man, I have an s14a and just yesterday I cut my CAI pipe to make a short intake almost exactly like the one in the first picture though I did mine freehand and didn't have any pictures to go by, but I ran into the apparently common MAF problem.
I was going to offer whatever advice comes my way about the issue but you are being a real dick to everyone who has tried so far to help you so I don't think I'll bother. If you ask for advice it would be a good idea to actually listen to what information people offer.

And FYI, the breather on the valve cover IS a vaccum leak and IS a problem because it lets air out of the CLOSED and PRECALCULATED system, thereby altering what was supposed to be a set amount of air. Just because your car hasn't made a big deal about it doesn't mean that it isn't a leak in the system. I don't know who started people doing that but it was the worst idea.
and you call that not being a dick. If its such a problem than why are my emissions lower than when I didnt have it vented? Please explain to me how that is possible?I just ran the car with it circulating and my car was bogging and died and i couldnt get it to start untill today. So i know for a fact that having it circulating is a problem. If you see that this is wrong, well how would you know exactly how my car runs. Not every car will run the same. Thats how i was taught by my school and the 2 shops so if the car runs better,smoother and doesnt have idle problems with its vented then it will run. If it doesnt throw a code, theres no problem there. Id love to show you guys my emission report from when it was circulating to current while its vented. I bet youll be surprised how much difference it made.
Maybe you should fix the problem with the circulated system instead of ghetto-rigging it....
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