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slowly increasing idle and squeak noise

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im having an idling issue i cant figure out
whenever i start my car it idles really low, like barely wants to idle (700 or less)
but as i drive it and it warms up it idles higher and higher like after 10 minutes of driving it climbs up to 900+
and after 10 minutes of highway driving it'll idle at 1000 to 1300
and idk whats causing it i need to figure it out cus the high idle also causes me to overheat

please any info
i just put in a new cts for the ecu too and it didnt help
ive messed with the idle adjust screw as welll to no avail

oh and after it gets warm and is idling lower in the 8-900 range it makes an odd squeak noise that follows with the idle, once i get it to 1000 it goes away but its not my belts, and if i turn my car of the squeak noise persists for a few seconds even after my belts stop
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Might be your MAF, I'm not entirely sure. I used to have one awhile back too, don't really remember how it went away.
i believe its actually my iac valve and aux air valve,
Squeak could be the stock driveshaft "dampener" reduces the vibration and might get a little off balance at certain rpm
it does it at idle, when the car isnt moving lol, i believe its my aux air valve but i'm not 100% sure
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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