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Sludge on Pistons and walls

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alright so last time i posted i was having an overheating problem


Water pump

and none of these did the trick

the reason for replacing my radiator was because my car ended up getting so hot i cracked my radiator.
so i replaced it and when i started it up again it drove really funky.
- it would only overheat if my heat wasnt on full blast
- i had NO horsepower what so ever
- i had to keep refilling my coolant but there was no leak
- also it idled very weird

though there was no choco milk in my oil
and no white smoke for the exhaust

narrowed it down to my head gasket.


so i JUST took off my head an hour ago and theres alot of sludge and coolant chilling on top of my pistons and a tad bit of what looks like oil on my cylinder walls

ive never taken off a head sooo i need to know what all this means
and how to clean off all this sludge

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hey whats up, if you have oil and coolant on or anywhere in you piston chamber you need a new head gasket. also check you intake manifold gasket to see if it is cracked. mine was and coolant leaked in through my valves and on to my piston heads. i work for the usaf and the only thing that touches my engine in or out of it is alittle something called aeroclean. if you use it on your pistons make sure you get all the aeroclean off before installing and ops checking it. it will take the sludge dirt grease or anything else you have on your engine completely off. with a simple rag or if you want to be really clean get space rags. there very very light and smooth rags that wont leave little imperfections on your cylinder wall that you cant see with you bare eye but your car can when you rev it up for a big drift or what have you. let me know if any of this helps
yeah it was deff my head gasket no doubt. thankfully my cylinder walls are in perfect condition i got lucky for how much i drove with it blown. where do you get these space rags and aerocleaner? bc im trying to KEEP my walls in perfect condition lol. and is it ok to use sandpaper to get off the access hg thats still on my bottom? or should i razorblade it?
you can get the aeroclean at like lowes or home depot, the rags might be there to. idk where my shop gets them from but there awsome. if you go to lowes and find the aeroclean ask them to see if they have any really soft like silk rags. they might be alittle expensive but atleast you might get a feeling to what you need. um as far as the bottom dont use sand paper, use i think its called emery cloth, its a really really really fine sandpaper that does its job on taking off stuck gasket and dirt and grime. and yeah a razor blade will work with for the tough stuff. carefull not to cut to deep cuz i did and had to take my head to a machine shop to get resurfaced. and they do have emerycloth at walmart or atleast they do up here in north dakota. hopefuly this helps and let me know if you need anymore advice.

look here for the aeroclean and read up on it to see if it interests you. i use it all the time and it really works
alright thanks alot for the help... i still need to buy the rest of my gaskets..forgot i needed more than just the hg lol. am i able to use crower cams to upgrade? or is there a better upgrade for ka's?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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