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So i got a ticket for having a modded please.

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So the other night i got a ticket for a modded exhaust. Now he pulled me over casue i didnt use my blinker in a right turn lane ONLY. and so he got me and said you know why i pulled you over? No idea officer....A modded exhaust. So he waited as i gave him my stuff and then left to his car...his fuck buddy came in the parking lot also.....and then they both come up and the fuck buddy says "mister ******* where is the mdmdkgac;aka; for you exhaust" Me: WHAT? FB:Where is the <MMFJASKFKHASD:FOKHG:pH for you exhaust?....Me: Whats on there is on there, everything that came with the exhaust kit i installed. FB: well your missing it and you need it.....and the we continued to inspect the outside of my car and then asked to see my intake that i told the other Dbag i had....FB: Please pop your hood. *CLUNK* *CLICK* Dbag: please step over there sir *waving his flash light in a spot and then in my eyes* FB: Yep intakes legal, i can see the sticker right there. You have a jdm engine? Me: No its a KA24de, came with the car blah blah blah.... *FB looking rather confused* *FB waving his light around the engine* Welp engines to dirty to see if its jdm. *me rolling my eyes back as if I DIDNT JUST SAY WHAT THE FUCK IT WAS!!!* Fb: alright you can close yours hood. You can get back in your car. *Slam* *Open door, slam* waited 5 min then Dbag: mister ******* your alright to go, just fix your exhaust get it signed off and then mail it in or go to the court house and pay it. So my question to you fellow 240sx, What the fuck do i need on or in my exhaust, my friend said the only thing i should need is a restricter and that keeps the noise down, but he never tested the dbs to see how loud it was, and i have driven down my street at 5 rpms in frst gear, many times and my friends say it sounds fine, and i ask them your not fucking with me right, and they say no really its fine no joke. So what is it i need? Pkease help much appriciated.
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In my hometown in Iowa if they can hear your car and pick it out from 20 car lengths away with cars in between then they tell you its too loud and give you a fixit ticket is that what the problem was?
No, he got me for not using my blinker at a right turn lane only, an I guess he decided to get me for modded E.
I've gotten a few of thoes in SoCal and they do that whole mumbo jumbo of hood popping and shit... from what I heard you can't have any kind of moded exhaust in Ca I just put my stock one back on and got it checked off by a chp and paid the fine and I'm good lol about a hard to read post.. was all of that realy necessary?
lol about a hard to read post.. was all of that realy necessary?
:iagree::Jka:and to dooche bag and fb:happyfing:fireassau:S-A-Smack:
yes it was neccasary
Well I know aboutthe laws of loud exhausts,I didn't know about the whistle. But it's a straight. No if you'd stop being a smart ass and talk to me like Atropos 240sx man and answer my question about what us it he was talking about that I need for my exhaust, I'm not being a dick friend but I didn't ask for those answers, do you know what I need for my exhaust? Or no?
Those are your states laws about aftermarket exhaust. As long as your not violating any of the above said laws you should be fine.

If you did not understand what the cop was saying why didnt you ask him? That would have been the smart thing to do.
im guessing you didnt have a cat??
that is what I assumed at first,
but im sure he realizes that its illegal to not have one.
It's a cat back exhaust, and yeah i should of asked him what the fuck he was talking about, but it's just confusing the fuck outta me why he didn't test my dbs, why I got a ticket for a modded exhaust when it's legal to buy for Cali cars and everything I installed was in the package shipped by exhaust comp. And the only thing you can do to a exhaust externally is add a silencer and that's all he looked at, ok? Now how would he know if I needed on if he didn't hear it? So I'm guess for the hell of having me stopped they just said I needed something. And I was planning on getting a sr20det but how they check my car as if I was drifting or dragging or doing somthing more illegal then I was I kinda don't want to, i just drive to work and back in it and it's only 4 miles to work and I just want alittle more juice, but it
Kinda shocked me how they checked
My engine bay and car.
I'm kinda scared to get it, and I don't wanna go through the ref either
Straight tip, whistle sounds wack
If your exhaust is not CARB approved, then it is technically not legal in Cali, period, dot. You need to find out if there's a CARB number associated with your exhaust. If there's no number, then you need to put a OEM exhaust on your car, drive down to the local CHP/Sheriff office, have them look at your exhaust, and then have them sign off your ticket (so now, it's only a fix-it), or you can just suck it up and pay the full price of the ticket and take the points associated with it. Is there anything else you need to know? If you are modding your car in Cali, you need to know the laws and not come running to this site for help. Also, I've heard that they've started installing DB meters in smog stations, that way you can have your exhaust tested and approved and then annotated that you meet the sound standard.

I find it interesting that the import tuner scene pretty much started in Cali., but now, they are the least import friendly of just about any State. :(
i have a few sheriffs in the town i work in pull me over all the time for modded exhaust. but for me, it was more of a personal pull over than anything. i went to the county sheriffs dept. and talked with the chief over there (which is above the sheriffs in that town) and asked if he could check my car to see if they are doing their jobs, or if they are harassing me. (exhaust was the same as when i got pulled over). the chief was like, they pulled you over for this. i said, yes sir, like 4 times already. he told me that next time it happens to go file a harassment suit against the whole dept. lol. i was like ok. literally 3 days later, i got pulled over *again* for modded exhaust, tinted windows, tinted tail lights, etc, etc. i mentioned harassment suit against him and the dept. and reporting it to the chief, and they were like, just fix your tinted tail lights...LMAO...dude, i never thought i would have the power to tell the police to fuck off, and them actually leaving me alone...haha, it was great. since that day, i have not been pulled over for anything...been like 2 months, something like that. but yea dude, i know its completely different in you case, but either put the presilenser on your car and see if that goes, if not, you might have to change your exhaust.
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^^^good story, but this won't exactly work if you are going up against a large department, and you have to be careful to not show disrespect. It could just make things worse. If I was those cops, I would have nailed your ass to the fence, just for threatening me with "lawsuit" or whatever.
^^^good story, but this won't exactly work if you are going up against a large department, and you have to be careful to not show disrespect. It could just make things worse. If I was those cops, I would have nailed your ass to the fence, just for threatening me with "lawsuit" or whatever.
couldnt really do anything cause the chief said so lolz
Then u have a bigger lawsuit on ur hands, and he has a back up sherif that told him to do that, then your ass is fired for beating a intreating civilian, and all he has to do is say sherif they pulled me over again, I told them about lawsuit and he threw me against the wall (or whatever indecent conduct would b preformed) andshow him you marks and sherif would fired your ass, can't act like a badass all the time dude, its called reality, not fairys and unicorns. And to Memes that sucked but was cool the sherif was there to back you up, but I'm not putting a silencer on fuck the police, factor ass pigs.
lol, put on the silencer, get it signed off and presto, take it back off. lol
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