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Sold the truck today.. the search is on!

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hello friends!
I used to be on these forums years ago with my s14.. however it hydroplaned and I'd rather not talk about it.. lol

as the title states I sold my toyota pickup today for $3000 and I'm ready for my 2nd 240..

I test drove one ('92 dohc swap) tonight from a kid right out of high school looking to move to LA for college.. he said the car had alternator issues but recently bench tested it and it was good.. he was asking $2750 (eek) but I talked him down on the phone to 2..
when i got there there was a fat dent in the quarter panel he never mentioned and the motor was ok but dirty as all hell.. i asked him about any recent tune ups and he replied that "he didn't know much about the engine stuff" which was fine i guess.. but when we took it for a test drive.. it started losing power fast and died quickly thereafter.. wow..
we tried push starting it but only got it going for a second at which time we parked it on the side of the road and left..
I offered him $1500..
no deal..

well theres another one I test drove a couple days ago ('90 sohc fb) who is asking $2400 but is really clean inside and out and drives really good however grinds slightly into 3rd and reverse.. which bothers the s&%# out of me.. so I'm planning on calling tomorrow offering $2000.. that way i'm halfway towards a sr.. which is why i dont really care about the sohc.. and i guess the trans. would be gone too..

anyways.. I live in Humboldt (northern ca) so if anyone knows of something in my price range within 5-6 hrs I'd be happy to hear it..
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im happy to be the first to tell you welcome to the forums
Welcome, keep us posted!
Future, really? I mean, really?

OP, welcome back. Good luck on finding just the right car for yourself.
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IDK what your talking about kato, that face palm was not needed
im happy to be the first to tell you welcome to the forums
down future, leave the new members alone

anyways, welcome to the forums.
IDK what your talking about kato, that face palm was not needed
You're not as funny as you think.

I am petitioning the addition of the facepalm to the forum. If anything I'm probably going to end up asking the character be :future: instead of the originally planned :fonix:. I'm sure it'd be welcomed either way.

Yeah future that was pretty creepy.

Welcome to the forums!
Do it!!!!!!!!!!! I would be honered Kato
...make sure you miss-spell "future".....
-________- Not funny
The search is complete! the build is ON!!!

Bought a '90 S13 pignose sohc 5-spd:

I'm hoping to get sr20 ( ordered on monday, and holding on to it until I get the rest of the gear I need(fmic, clutch, etc..)

I've had it for about 3 weeks now, last night I did my first doughnut and I'm in love

my old s14 was sweet but the turn radius on the s13 really whips 'em!
(open diff tho.. :lamende:)

well let me know what you guys think.. interior was clean as hell which was the #1 buying factor.. future (hopeful) mods: Broadfield style gauge set up(almost down to drive to IL to see him; 17" 5zigen rims; type-x aero kit; rps13 tail lights; bride ergo II seats; megan coilovers; thats all I can think of at the moment..

thanks for checking it out!
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looks good and nice plans for it
nice.. have fun with her
car looks nice. good luck with build

you said you live in california right?
yup... humboldt county.. like 45min from oregon border.. why.. u 2?
no, i live in NY.

i was hoping i miss read it cause i'm looking for a 5 speed tranny, so i was gonna see if you were selling it when you put in the SR
im in nor cal but not that far north
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