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[SOLVED] Need Additional Info About Rekeying Locks

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Hey everyone, I’ve been searching everywhere for more information on rekeying the locks and I can’t find anything. I’ve contacted 10 locksmiths in my area who all say they don’t rekey car locks. I’m pulling my hair out, I just want my car to finally have locks and all the locks to match one key…

I have all the lock cylinders pulled out and stored in a ziplock bag already. Driver, passenger, hatch, and glove. I just need them rekeyed to match the ignition/master key (along with a duplicate made - I have a blank).

Does anyone have experience rekeying these locks? Does anyone know a company who can do it for me - I’m honestly thinking of shipping my locks to a trusted locksmith unless I can figure out how to do it myself.
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This might be worth checking out
I appreciate it! I actually ended up finding a reputable business in SoCal that would let me ship my locks to them to get rekeyed. I’m excited to finally be able to lock my car.
Awesome, do you mind sharing what business that was?
Definitely, it’s called CA Locksmith in Anaheim. It cost me about $200-250 for both doors, the glove, and the hatch lock as well as a new key cut from a blank (cant remember the exact cost, sorry about that).

Here’s the website: Locksmith Anaheim CA-California Locksmith Security Solutions - Anaheim Locksmith

I emailed them my situation and they let me ship my locks. They shipped them back to me when it was all done and paid for. Everything worked out perfectly, definitely recommend their business 👍
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