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i recently posted this on nico but i really havent gotten an answer or any help so maybe it be different on here.. here is what i posted:

so i finally got my wideband installed n my afrs kind of weird, i have a safc to fine tune it but i dont know were to even begin. do u tune it like if i had a stock ecu?????? or is the lo/hi corection #s differ since the ecu is tune for my maf/injectors??????? can anyone point me in the right direction......
my current setup is:

bottom mount
s14 t28
z32 maf(suck thrue)
sr 370cc
greddy type rs bov aptmosphereic (yeah the car wants to stall when idlin down,can i used the dec settings only????

adjustable fpr set at 35 on idle
aem wideband
s13 ecu with emance daugtherboard/chip/conv.hardness
255 walpro
ngk brk6e gap at 35

as it sets when i start the car my boost gauge reads 25-30 vac the afrs are like this: from a cold start it revs to 1200 or so at 15.4-16.2
then it drops 800-1000rpms with 15.4 (now im givin it gas not drivin it)

1000rpms 15.4
2000rpms 14.1-14.6
3000rpms 14.3
4000rpms 12.3-13.5
5000rpms 12.1
6000rpms+++++++ 12-11-10.2

but what gets to me is that while i hit the gas to get the rpms stated above the gauge kind of jumps around until i hit the rpm then it stays.....
i dont know the first thing about the safc thats why im asking for your help(downloaded the manual but its kind of difficult for me to understand it) i dont know how to get the correction #s ect. the only thing i know is how to set the sensor type n thats it.(2in2out).
if anyone has the same setup, how about givin me your info so i have something to go by.....

it seems that while i give it gas it wants to choke(i guess) so i have to give it gas kind of slow are thpse afrs safe to drive on?????????????

i would really apreciate your help n if u need more info please let me know...........n THANKS in advance
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