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Some questions

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Hey guys I've looked around on the internet and on forums and I can't seem to find the answer to what I'm about to ask.

What are the size of the bolts that put the entire stock intake together? I don't have any and I can't find anywhere where I can buy them.

Next, Transmission bolts. I haven't been able to find any of these either, but from what it seems you can use the KA tranny bolts right? Just want to make sure I got my bases covered.

Lastly, the water pump bolts? What are the sizes of those? and where the heck can I find a freaking water pump pulley? I cannot find one to size my life, its really annoying.

Thanks guys, and sorry for all the stupid questions.
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wow, that is a good question, hopefully someone on here can answer it. You might just have to play the guessing game. :(
damn :( I was afraid of that
Anyone else have any sort of idea?
You can try Raw Brokerage for the water pump pulley. He stocks a lot of new and used RB parts. I don't know the size of the bolts or the thread pitch, but bolts are so cheap you can probably just pick up a handful from a machine shop (I found some replacements at Lowes once) and find out by trial and error.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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