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someone helpp!!! ka-t putting way too much heat to the header!?

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so got my car on the road and all and it runs good. rebuilt motor with brian crower camshafts. thats all the internal...i had a burnt out flange gasket changed it..used shitty gasket stuff from autozone it burnt out right away. took it out cut another gasket with the same stuff used the permatix red stuff for high heat gasket and im prettty sure it just burnt out again tonight. the longest i drove the car at one time tonight was maybe 20 minutes. and now it sounds like its leaking again.(even tho its shitty stuff it shouldnt burn out that quick and the red stuff is for up to 650degrees.) i popped the hood and the header was crazy red..i have it heat wrapped and i could ssee the red glowing through...

someone has to know why its putting off so much heat!? it makes my hood crazy hot too. i thought it was the burnt out gasket that was making it so hot in the turbo area...

someone help please!
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okay. ill check timing out..any other possibilities?
+1 Check your AFR's and EGT's. Either too lean or timing may be a little too aggressive.
^Yup. Check your settings, and use the right gasket. Don't make your own.

What kind of manifold? Could be it's cheaper or thinner metal, and it gets hotter faster.
Also try Copper RTV. That has higher heat rating then Red.

and +2 on AFR/EGTs. Something is not quite right there.
Funny, I deal with 4 wheelers and motorcycles all day long. Red headers means she running too rich? It may differ for car I guess?

Should be an easy fix though man. Just some minor adjustments.
It goes both ways, too rich/lean = High EGT's
Plus you would have said something about blowing black smoke or smelling raw fuel which you didn't so I assumed it wasn't running rich.
Works for me.
i have an aem wideband that reads about 14 when its running through boost and when its just riding normal its not even reading anything.. im not running an exhaust tho so i think it being open is screwing up how it reads...
anyways im running a gt28 off of a skyline...i have an egay manifold that the opening for the manifold is a bigger hole than the turbo...could this be causing exhaust to get trapped in the header causing it to run hotter?
i had the same setup on my first car for a month before i wrecked it and it never acted like this...i was only running 4 lbs tho and im running 7 now...
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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