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Southern Califoirnia S13 owners looking for employment

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I work for a surface cleaning company and we desperately need an employee that is willing to work hard and be reliable. In a nutshell we pressure wash concrete and steamclean carpets for restauraunts and other businesses. We are located in Chino Hills in Southern California. We need to replace a piece of shit employee and i figured i'd ask my fellow S13 owners first. We work from 9pm to Whenever you finish am. Guaranteed 40+ hrs a wk. There is no drug tests or anything but i ask that you please keep personal and work time separate. You must have a valid drivers license and not be an asshole. We dont deal with many people because we work so late, but on occasion we talk with managers and let them know what we are doing. If you can dedicate this time and be sure you are on time, the job is yours. Starting pay is $10/hr and you drive company trucks.

If you are serious about employment you can PM me or text me ay (626) 482-3617. My name is Ryan.

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I have text you sir :)
gl future
yeah i talked to him and just have to get past the boss and i think i have a good chance

Thanks for the gl meme
sent you a text. really interested in the job.
looks like job will be filled. i should have an official status update around monday/tuesday
i hope future is getting the job
the suspense is killing me
dont die box but if you do i call your car!!
i hope future is getting the job
he responded first so he gets the first working interview. im just looking forward to having a damn co worker that isnt a piece of shit with a DUI. i replaced the first of the two shitheads. replacing this last one will make life 219437924792874924792749 times easier.:beer2:
i have faith in future so lets go future lets go.
Moved to the "correct section."

Since the OP is looking to help someone out find work, this thread can stay open until the spot is filled.
Moved to the "correct section."

Since the OP is looking to help someone out find work, this thread can stay open until the spot is filled.

I apologize for my fail
ahaha Lol at all the people rooting for me. Thanks guys. Im also hopping it works out. Im in debt with my parents and stuff under the car needs to be replaced lol. Cross your fingers =X
everyone wants you to get a job
Which is why I'm allowing this to go on. OP, no need to apologize. Seeing as there's really no specific place to put this sort of thread in, it was somewhat up in the air.

And guys, lets not clutter this thread with much more than what the OP is asking for.
Seeing as i have a chance at the job is this clutering? And i meet up with Ryan today, clean ass car. Mine is so ugly ):
job is filled like a white girls ass after a Laker game.
^^^Does this count ass clutterinng? lol
did future get the job?
1 - 20 of 39 Posts
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