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Special tool or ideas?

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Hello to everybody out there. I am new to this so hopefully this won't be a stupid question and more importantly is that it is in the correct area so as to receive a good response.
I have a problem that I hope somebody can help with or an idea on something I can try.
Putting new struts on my 95 240sx is proving quite difficult. I cannot get the nut to start on the threads at the top of the strut. The new rubber bushings are tall enough that I just can't get the nut started. I am using Tokico struts and KYB boots. I bought new rubber mounts for the rear just to realize they also came with the struts but they are the same. The old one's are squished down and I can fit those on with no problem but I don't want to use the old rubber. I have searched for any tool that may help to no avail. Any ideas? Thanks for any help or ideas.
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are you talking about the nut to clamp down on the spring ? or the nuts to bolt the strut to the strut tower, i take it your using a spring compressor if you have got the springs off the struts already?
How are the KYB strut boots

Hello and thanks for the reply. Yes I have a spring compressor and think I may have dicovered the issue.
The nut I am talking about is the nut that goes to the top of the strut piston and keeps it from coming out of the top strut mount. Not the 2 nuts that secure the top strut mount to the body.
The problem is/was with the piece of garbage KYB strut bellows/boot or whatever you want to call it.
The original boot was in shreds but was still connected at the top and still connected at the bottom. This completely shielded the entire piston rod, when it was in good shape, from dirt, debris etc.
When I finally came up with a way to get the nut on, the KYB boot popped over the little retainer on the piston. Although the top of the boot is very tight to the pistron and will not allow dirt/debris to get into the strut body, it does leave the top of the piston exposed.
Has anyone used these? Are there other strut bellows besides OE? At $ 65.00 each for OE I think I may be able to live with the $ 11.00 KYB's if there aren't any others but I would like to keep the pistons shielded for maximum life. Thanks for any advice. Jerry
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