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Speed Alliance fenders for S13.5

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I did a search and even went on Speed Alliances website, but I cant find a pic of there S15 conversion fenders. I need a pic of them to see if there vented or not. I do not want vented.

So if anybody has some pics or can gimme a link, that would be great!!

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hmmm I just browsed their site, can't find anything on conversion fenders. I would go with Masa fenders, they come in either single vented, dual vented or non-vented. Superior quality and fittament and are fairly cheap now (about $450) compared to the 800 they were a few years ago.
Sorry, not to TJ or anything but are the Masa O.E. look fenders still wider than the stock ones? I mean i know they dont have vents but thats what alway turns me off, is the fact that the front of the car is wider than the rear.
Yes all S15 fenders (conversion or OEM) are wider than stock fenders. Alot of people with a S15 conversion also end up getting wider rear fenders to match the front.
Ok guys, lol, great comments and superb opinions, really, lol.

But the question still stands.

Can anybody help me with some pics or just tell me if there vented or not.

murphy660 said:
guess not are u sure they make em?

Well Im buying a package deal from Jspec and they say there fenders are like Speed Alliances. I emailed and asked for pics but still no reply.

Soooooo, I dunno
andrewmp6 said:
normal ones aint vent only the wide ones are here smooth ones
Right, thats exactly what I want.
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