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Speed problem

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I just bought a 95 s14. The guy I bought it from told me that the car was automatic and he made it 5 speed. The problem is that the car reads a lot faster than I'm actually going. It says that in 3rd gear at around 5,500 rpm's that I'm going 120 and the car bogs out, slows down to 110 and then does the same thing when I get to 120. I changed the speed sensor and it did tue same thing. I talked to a guy at the Nissan dealer and he told me that the gauge cluster uses different voltage from auto to manual. So I borrowed a gauge cluster and it does the same thing. I went and bought a 5 speed gauge cluster and same thing. The thing is that when I disconnect the gauge cluster and drive without it's fine. I take it to 4th at high rpm's and then 5th at high rpm's and it doesn't bog. I need help. Haha!!! Any ideas?
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You are using the wrong speed sensor. Most likely a s13 one... get a s14 speed sensor. You can cut the wire for the speed limiter and not bog out in 3rd. The car is cutting out because it thinks you are doing 120
Thank you for your feedback. My friend Moe who works down here in miami on 240's told me the same thing. So I went to a place called the home of the 240sx and bought a speed sensor that they told me was for an s14 5 speed. I tried it on and it does the same thing. I honestly don't care if it tells me the speed or not. I'm wondering if I take off the cable that is behind the gauge cluster that has to do with the speed being read if the car will drive fine. Any suggestions or wiring diagrams that can help me?
Do you have stock diff/trans and wheels/tires?
Well the car was automatic but it was made manual with the stock 5 speed tranny from an s14. Everything else is stock though.
What is the part number of the speed sensor you bought?
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