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Speedo doesn't work

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Let me fill you in.
S13 SR20DET in S14 chassis - Bought the car knowing the sensor didn't work - it had the s13 speed sensor on the manual tranny - changed it out with s14 manual speed sensor - still no go - checked the FSM and it says the wires to the sensor should be R/Y and R - The Speed Sending wire is Y with Green stripe from ECU to Speedo - I checked the wire colors to the sensor yesterday and they are YwBlack stripe and YwBlue stripe - Now I'm really confused - So, help me out. Does the sensor require a sending wire and power wire or not? I think the sensor itself grounds to the transmission with the bolt that holds it on. Let me know.

Just another note to this - I ran 2 wires from the sensor all the way to the back of cluster to the RwYellow stripe wire and to the R wire - which by the FSM that is where is connects to and same result - so, I was thinking it was the cluster - changed cluster out with same result - help me out guys
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