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sr injectors in stock kade

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i think i have an injector going bad on my car. I have searched and not found my answer that i am looking for. what i am wondering is i have a set of sr20 injectors and plan to be boosted eventually but do not have all the stuff for my kit yet. what i am wondering is could i use the sr20 injectors for now so i can drive my car until i get the rest of my turbo kit? if so what would i need to do to make it work?
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not sure if they bolt right in but if they do you can install them and then get a tune. you can always detune your fuel so that the injectors put out what you need.
MUCH cheaper just to get a used injector.
well not really not if i already have the sr injectors.. or do i need a tune to use them? especially if eventually i plan to boost the car..
Different size = tune
Tune = $$$
$$$ = Waste when you're swapping.

So yes, a used injector will be much cheaper than making the SR injectors work.
ok.. thats what i was wanting to know if i needed a tune for the sr injectors..
KA Inj = 270cc
SR Inj = 370cc

You'll need a tune. S-AFC at minimum.
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