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sr swap is finally done! pics.

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dont worry, those vacuum lines are temporary and will be redone very soon (im thinking blue silicone since everything else is)

here is a link to my cardomain where i have lots more pics and info.

i will get the bumper and hood on soon as well and go find some good spots for some more pics.
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nice job, looks pretty clean...i like how you fit the fmic in there without cuttin the bumper support. what turbo mani is that? do you have electric fans? i like the rad. shroud to be on there, i think it looks bare without it. thats just me though.
looks clean,. we made my impact bumper thinner, and reinforced it, for my intercooler.

my zonky little sr'd kouki :)
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The motor cleaned up real good..
hows it runing for you...i hope well.

keep up the good work
post some pics of once its put back togetter (body)
Looks good man! Like sr240dett3 said, get some pictures once the exterior is done.
What intercooler are you running and how hard was it to tuck it up under there? Thats a really clean install and still retains the funtionality of the bumper support, definately something I'd want to do.
dont look bad id swap out that radaitor fast and get a cooling panel for it
if you dont have electric fans u need to install the radiator fan shroud. otherwise youre losing a lot of air current. when my buddy installed his sr, he left the shroud off and u could feel a ton of air escaping. when he put the shroud on, it really drew a lot of air back into the engine bay.
i'm running a koyo copper radiator and 2x flexalite fans.
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i have electric fans from an 02 subaru forrester including some custom ducting for them, and we are still not done with all the ducting we will be doing. the fmic underbracing helps for underneath and our bumper is already cut out to fit with it. im at work now, so ill get more pics and info up soon.
finally put my green "s" badge on and test fit the newly cut bumper.

and here are some pics of the engine bay.

power steering lines were moved around a bit.

fuse box with fuses for electric fans

stock bov is tucked away under there.

electric fan wiring for 02 subaru forrester fans, new water pump, painted pulleys, shiny bolts, and samco hoses. and that bracket holding the wiring for the cas was pulled from the ka auto tranny. looks stock doesnt it? (there are lots more little touches like that as well)
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now get a front lip!
ladiesman8527 said:
now get a front lip!
i think im gonna try making one out of that rubber that goes on the bottom of garage doors. it should work well in covering the bottom where the ic and underbracing sticks down. i think it would look good if i resprayed that bumper and bought a lip for it to go across, but i might as well just get the origin stream bumper im wanting, so i'll just do that when i am tired of looking at this one.
*drool* my car is goign to look EXACTLY like that when it's done, except it's going to be red.

red silvia badge and all, hehe.

nly difference is my bumper isn't cut. though i probably should cut it, i just don't wanna.
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