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sr vs ca

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Ok I have a sr I'm rebuilding right now I only drove it a few times and it ran like crap when I got it so it's now tore down for a rebuild.. but I've been seeing alot about the ca lately and was wondering which is better? would a ca bolt up to my sr trans??
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Also what all from my sr is interchangeable with the ca?? If anything?
well I heard that the ca trans is compatible but you have to use the sr's bell housing, maybe other members can confirm or deny that lol other than that I don't know what else you can use from the sr
The CA is commonly referred to as the "baby" RB. Its a very stout motor that can andle high numbers and penty of boost on stock internals. The trans is compatible with the sr bell housing and vise versa. (So is the ka trans and the rb trans) Everything is pretty much different. Right down to the turbos even though the are both t25s

Both motors have their strengths and weaknesses. Te ca is cheaper but heavier and is cheaper dollar per hp until around 300-350 I believe. Then the sr gets the advantage. Ca also has better torque in my experience.
Ok so if I decided to go with a ca where could I find 1??? Could I just go pull 1 from a pulsar? or not that easy?
The same places you find a SR you can generally find a CA. Good ol' Bing, Google, or Yahoo can get you started. Just search JDM Engines.

There's a start.....
Ok another question if anyone knows can I use my sr clip or do I need a ca???
You can use the body parts if thats what you are asking
From what I've read since this post it's pretty good...
how good is aftermarket support for the ca?
in my experience, it doesnt compare at all to the support for the sr20. You just have to know where to look. One advantage the SR has is if you do break something, it will usually be way easier to find something for the SR then for the CA just because SR's are so popular.

I prefer SR's over CA's as far as the performance side of it, but I am usually pumped about CA builds when I see them just because there isnt very many of them.

Oh and if you order an engine, get it through it is literally the best service I have ever had. The guy can answer any questions you have. He does a realy good inspection of the engine before he sends them, takes detailed pictures of the engine, and does a compression test and tells you the results. If you do go through him, tell him Ty from Lloyd recommended you.
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yeah id like to drop a sr20 but...i live in cali. fucking hippies
yeah id like to drop a sr20 but...i live in cali. fucking hippies
You'll have the same problems with CA and SR in cali. Both are JDM engines that don't meet emissions.
hey man i have a ca in my car,its my first turbo motor,i love it,i get alot of hate because i want to be different from the 500,000 other people who have a sr.but any ways ca motor is cheaper of course,but aftermarket wise is not well found unless you search hard,and isnt really cheap,but thats a price you pay for being different,and i have a sr t25 and im right with a stock sr if not little more hp then one.
same issue as everyone else. cant decide between ca and sr. its gonna be used for a weekend cruiser, autox and drift. i like that the ca is cheaper but the aftermarket support is nowhere near the sr. somebody tell me their experiences pleaseee
there is alot of aftermarket support for the sr,mainly its the most basic swap people do,and the ca,its other there,you have to search hard,but theres not much aftermarket support for the ca

so SR? 10-10 scale

CA? 6.5 -10 scale
It is hard to find after market support for the ca, as I have one myself and I've been looking for power steering for it at local shops, eBay, and foums since November and I just got one this week!!! But I guess it's what your looking for because things like bolt on parts are pretty easy to find when u know where to look but when you want to start looking for internal parts, power steering, and ac thats when you start having problems.

Places you can look for bolt on parts are (, and you friendly 240sx or nissan forums :))
O I forgot and I don't want to piss anyone off so let's not forget eBay lol
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