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sr20 turns over but no fire

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Im looking at buying a 95 240sx with a redtop sr20det swapped into it, the guy only wants 3500 for it and i know the cost of the motor itself is relatively close to his asking price. I didnt know if itd be worth it or if it would be an easy fix. heres the part of his ad about it not starting?

"1995 Nissan 240sx with redtop SR20det. Has afermarket 17 inch wheels, 3 inch stainless exhaust, Brand new items:
FMic with piping, performance clutch, flywheel, Momo carbon fiber shift knob, stainless tubular turbo manifold, ALuminum RAce RAdiator and many more items!
History of car: My friend bought this car off me for $7000 2 years ago, then he bought the SR20det swap, swapped it in and the car turns over but does not fire. He lost interest, and does not know anything about cars. So he is simply getting rid of it since he has a kid now.
I have heard that all it may be is a ecu and connecting the fmic. Not sure, but motor alone cost $3000!!! with only 30k.
Great car and ez fixer upper. Anyone with some mechanical experience should have this car up and running in no time! CAr ran perfect before the swap was done. He spent over $7,000 in just the motor swap and parts!"

Help would be appreciated, thanks.
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spent 7k on all that and cant even get it to run. pathetic.
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