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sr20det starting probs

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i have a prob starting my sr20det i think its the starter. might be bad not sure. when the starter turns on and makes the whining sound the motor does nothing. when i say nothing i mean nothing. dosent crank, turn over or anything. is it that the starter is not engaging? any help would be great thanks.
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could be the starter,the battery,or the the can bang on the starter itself with a screwdriver or hammer very carefully. If it starts after doing this then its the starter and will have to be replaced. Did you check the battery?
also check your spark it manual or automatic?
its not the batt. brand new Odessy battery. its 5 speed. in order for me to check my spark plugs i have to get the motor to crank or do something the motor is not doing anything.... like i said the only thing i hear is a click from relays. i tryied starting it by pushin the car and popin the clutch but all it did was sound like it wanted to start but nothing. i took the starter to get checked and they told me it was still good. when i short the starter out all i hear is the whining but nothing from the motor........ bad starter?
Man i have the same prob any one know if the flywheels for and automatic an a manual are different.
check the fuse box next to the battery. after you check that, check your ignition switch. if they checked your starter and it was good, most likely its either a fuse or your ignition switch....
Man i have the same prob any one know if the flywheels for and automatic an a manual are different.
Nice threadjack......
Yes. They're different.
on the fuse box next to the battery, there should be some brown fuses. 25amp i think, anyway, on my car that went out and i was flipping bricks. but i found that fuse and it was just a $3 fix.... GL
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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