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Sr20det wont idle then dies!!!

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alright so my SR runs perfect and boosts fine everyday since its my DD but i went in a store for 10 min
then came out and left my keys on accessories mode, so started the car and randomly just wouldnt idle and cant rev ect because it dies!!! fuel pump winds a bit but not like it used to, if pump went out the my SR wouldnt start period.
I checked intercooler pipings, reset ecu, fuses

Any suggestions because im stuck?????
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At the two connectors in front where the sr was wire into the s13 chassis..thats if its a s13
theres a blk/yellow wire that controls the iacv=idle control...if u dont idle at all that wire died just connect it to switched power and it will werk perfect...
Info:the brown wire on sr side is or should allready b connected to thes switched power so look for that as a reference point
alright im going to try that and yes it is an s13 ftw!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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