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I have a 1991 240sx with a KA24DE engine in it.

Here's the problem:

The engine will start with no problem at all when cold. After starting and driving the car around until normal warm temp is reached, car is parked. Lets call the moment you kill the engine "minute zero" when parking.

From minute zero to minute 10~15, the car will start right back up with no issues.

From minute 10~15 till minute 35~45, the car will turn over, rev up on it's own as usual, but then suddenly act like it's barely getting any gas. Pressing the throttle down at this point often amplifies this effect, and often causes the engine to choke to death.

I've found quite often that this doesn't happen if I open the hood of the car after parking it to let the engine area cool off faster than usual. If this is done, the car will usually start right up, or if it struggles, it will only struggle for a couple seconds before revving back up to normal RPMs with no other latent issues.
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