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Stereo broken?

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Iv had my car for about 4 months or so, and havnt been using it too much to care, but I will be shortly. The problem is I cant seem to get any music in my car at all. I used to be able to listen to the radio and cds but now all that happens is i turn it on, and dont hear anything. I literally dont know anything about wiring or audio but Im wondering if there is an easy fix, maybe a loose connection or something that I can easily check? Or am I out of my league and should just take it to a shop and let them figure out what is wrong. I have a 92 coupe, and my car has a sony deck in it.

Any help is appreciated, if anyone has had a similar problem, or something in particular I can do or replace would be amazing. Thanks in advance...
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check the fuses first there is a fuse panel on the left by your foot and also a fuse on the back of the head unit
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