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Still looking for my 240

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So I am still looking for a 240 to get into build/tracking a car. I found a 92 for a decent deal, but the owner says the A/C and Power steering hasn't worked since he swapped in a kade from a 95. As the car is 3 hours away, I don't really feel like driving that far unless it is a mildly easy fix (I live in Texas and don't want to blow the start of my build fund on A/C). I know you have to modify the set-up if you go from a SOHC to DOHC, but the 92 should have been DOHC anyway.

Any suggestions?
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keep looking you will find what you want.patience will pay 89 doesnt have either one of those components removed by the previous owner but they will be re installed eventually
well where are you cuz thar is deals on 240 around here but i have no way of getting money so
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