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I have a 240SX SE '95.
The mechanic mentioned I need new struts. (all 4)
He suggested I order a 'kit', because they're easier for him to install.

I'm wondering if a 'strut kit' is the same as getting a 'coil set'?
I'd ask the mechanic more questions... but he's Chinese and English is not his first language.
He does great work though!

I read that a spring rate of 280-160 is a nice balance between control and ride.
I'm not looking to lower the car.

Are their any reputable companies making 'strut kits' for the 240 I should look at?
Got any suggestions or info that would help clarify what to look for, please?


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Hi there,
I believe what your mechanic is referring to is also known as a Strut assembly, Complete strut assembly, Quick strut, and they are also known by other names.

This is what your strut assembly looks like on the car. It's got 3 studs at the top (shown on the right side of the image, 2 are pictured) and it has 2 bolt holes to mount to your knuckles. Front and rear kind of look similiar, rear top might only have 2 studs and the bottom one will have just one mounting hole.

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In my quick googling, I didn't see that they made the full assemblies for the 240sx.
The picture below, is just your struts. This is what I am seeing a lot of.
Your mechanic would have to disassemble your old strut assembly, take off the top strut mount, remove the spring, and remove the boot. Those would get transplanted over to the new strut. Usually you would buy a new boot (also called a bellow) and a new upper mount (this stuff is a wear item), so the springs are really what get moved over.

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When you say "coil kit" you probably mean Coilover suspension (pictured below). The shorter ones go up front and the longer ones in the rear. This is pretty standard.
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It literally looks exactly the same, mounts the same to your car, and functions almost the same.

The problem is that the stiffness of the springs are way harder (higher spring rate).
The factory springs are about 2kg/mm which is 112 lb/in

Most coilover kits come in about 8kg/mm = 450 lb/in up front and 6kg/mm = 336 lb/in in the rear.
This is extremely stiff.
These kits usually lower the ride height of the vehicle, and you have to use other suspension parts to get your alignment right.

If I were in your position, I would just buy the equivalent specification struts.

Look for something in the original ride quality section.
Get some new boots/bellows and some new mounts. Get an alignment.
Enjoy the car and don't hit potholes.
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