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struts and lowered coils

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hey everyone, im new to the fourms world let alone the mechanics world, i have chosen a 1991 nissan s13 240sx hatchback for my first "project car" i love the car and cant wait 2 fix it, learn and deffenatly drive it. well heres my situation i need answers on, rember im new so plz dnt get mad if this is a stupid question. the 240 i am working on is lowerd, im 5'3" and the top of the car touches my shoulders so idk how much its been lowerd but i want to get monroe sensatrack struts to put on it, will the lowerd coils/springs fit with the new struts i plan on putting on it?
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you dont want to get monroe shocks. there just about the same as stock. if it has lowering springs, you should just get some semi-cheap kyb agx adjustable shocks & you'll have a decent daily setup that can be stiffened for the occasional romp. and fyi your car isnt that lowered. im 6'0" & my roof is about my waist level :). if it has stock wheels & tires you can tell if its lowered quickly by measuring the wheel gap with your hand. stock s13's have a 5finger gap up front & about a 4finger gap out back. there pretty 4x4 in stock form.

& fyi use the search button & search in google before you post other questions you may have. 9 times out of 10 the answers your looking for will pop up in a search
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