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I have a set of 17x7" Longchamp XR-V Wheels. They are 5x114 and have a +45 offset. They are 2 piece forged wheels, and are VERY lightweight. They are made by Desmond, who is the same manufacturer of Spoon and Regamaster wheels. They are white with a 3" deep polished lip. They do not have any major curb marks. One wheel has scratches on the face of the spokes, one has a big paint chip on the side of the spoke, and the rest have minor chips here and there, not too noticable. All the chips and scratches have been touched up with white paint. There are NO bends, dents or cracks on these wheels, and they are all true. These are very rare wheels, and I do not believe there are more than 10 sets in the United States. These are PERFECT wheels to get refinished/restored. They come some 205/40/17 Capital Negotiator tires, lol. They have about 75% tread left, and they are still quite meaty. I am asking $750 OBO picked up from socal. I am located in Riverside. Email at [email protected]


Wheel 1

Wheel 2

Wheel 2 (spoke damage, touched up)

Wheel 3

Wheel 4

Wheel 4 (big chip on side of spoke)
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