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Suspension Question

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Alright.. so I'm looking for my first set of suspension parts for my 240sx hatch. I decided I wanted coilovers for the car a while ago.. so I am currently in the process of saving for them and trying to figure out the best purchase option for my car.

The problem is.. the 240 is going to be my daily driven car.. and occasionally tracked.. This means it will probably (sadly) be driven during the winter. I've heard about the life-span of coilovers and read lots of information about them.. most people seem to say after 2-3 years the coilovers are done for.. and by looking at any used pair I can tell you they look fucked after that long. Sooo.. Basically my friend told me that I might as well go with springs/struts so I don't destroy my coilovers and be pissed off a year later when the winters fucked em up.

Opinions on this? I still want a firm ride, no bouncy-ness.. and would rather have a more firm ride than a softer one even for DD use. I was originally going to get 8kg front and 6kg rear for springs on my coilovers so they were firm, yet don't break my back. -sigh- I'm torn right now between what to do. I don't want to waste ~$1300 on coilovers.. to replace them in 2 years when I engine swap.. so suggestions on a spring/strut combo that I can get dd and track usage out of? Again.. I'd rather have them be more firm.. then soft at all.. Can I do this? And what are your guys thoughts/ideas?

Keep in mind, this isn't a money issue, or whether or not I know coilovers are better. I just want something durable for my car to keep driving with that is way better than stock lol. If you know a coilover set that will drive thru winters/snow/dd use for a long period of time.. I'm down for checking those out so ... lemme know experienced ones!
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well I had Tein S Tech Springs with KYB GR2 struts and it was a decently firm ride since they were new struts there was no bounciness, I'm planning on a similar setup on my new build too
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