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Suspension questions/advice

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I have read the suspension section in the beginners section of the forum. I would like to illicit some opinions on which way to go. I do not ever plan on drifting the car. I live a ways from work and do not get a take home unit because of the distance. My 240sx is a 1992 with around 160,000 on it. I was wondering about the suspension. How do you tell what you need to replace if anything. I figure with that many miles I need to replace everything except I do not want to pay a ton for a bunch of stuff I need. I just want it to ride better. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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So you want new suspension for maint. reasons or do you want a better handling car? is it stricly a DD or do you occasionaly track it? whats your budget like? how bad/good are your roads?

btw, do not write in a black font. it makes it hard to read. edit your post and change it back to grey.
Sorry about the color. I only want it for maint. reasons.
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