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suspension settings?thread anywhere

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Ive read lots of threads saying what kind of suspension they have and all the parts they puton but does anyone try and tunning or adjustments? and not just dampening i mean spring tension, yaw pitch roll front to rear spring rate ratios??:12dunno
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we setup our cars based on the alignment setting we want.
however, you'll find that most of the kids here don't even understand the point of coilovers beyond slamming their cars to the ground. then they gripe about tire wear.
there's no way to actually tune "spring tension". if you mean preload, then yes it can be done by adjusting the lower spring perch on coilovers.
yaw rate is not adjustable on our cars either. it''d be kind of hard to do since we have no sensor.
f/r spring rates are choices based on the coilovers you buy. however, not all distributors offer the option of different springs rates for thesame coilover system. the manufacturers (tein, tanabe, cusco, ziel, GC, etc) do offer "custom" spring rates for the coilovers you order.
what is your preload. i measured mine from the top of the upper coil perch to the bottom of the lower coil perch i did 19.5 F 18R and its just not handleing well so i guess ill just keeptrying diffrent combinations
my coilovers are laying in a box 10 feet away from me. they've been off my s13 for about a month, and are up for sale now.
preload has very little to do w/ your handling, sorry.
on coilovers, it affects ride height and shock travel, that's about it.

if you're worried about your handling, think about these things:

unsprung weight
ride height
spring rate
toe settings
camber settings
caster settings
tire sizing
wheel sizing
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