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hey guys im new to fourms and cars, i rescently got a 1991 nissan 240sx hatchback, its lowerd pretty low and ined 2 know if i can put menroe sensatrack struts on it, if i can then do i have to get smaller struts since its lower? please help
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i just want 2 know if i can put monroe struts on a lowered 240sx
why are you posting a new thread asking the same question? YOU DONT WANT MONROE SHOCKS. they are stock equivalent and pretty much crap. whatever you have on there is prob better than those. what you should do is save up and buy a decent set of coilovers (stance,kts,fortune auto...ect). you should ask someone w/coils on a 240 to let you drive it. you wont want anything else after that.
oh ok, sorry im new to cars and im just learning, the 240 i have is to work on read up on and learn with my dad 2 help me. thankyou for the advice
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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