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swanney's 90 hatch build thread

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well its been a few months and ive been meaning to post for a while but i have had a lack of ability to get pictures to my computer
my digital camera broke so i have to use my cell phone and its retarded and doesnt send them to my email in a fashion that allows me to easily get them onto my computer
but there it is my 90 piggy hatch
laugh if you want idc
and honestly no one should laugh
because at the end of the day its a 240 so we shouldnt hate on eachother but instead should hate on all the other pos cars and car companies out there
but thats imo

anyways i got this car back in april
for 1400
its a sohc 5spd
it had 160,000 miles
and wasnt in the best condition
but i had the money
wanted a decently fast car
and it was 5spd
and honestly i didnt know very much about the car scene at all
i just really needed a car and liked the way it looked

but now that i own this car im in love with it, and even though everyday it gives me a new problem i love it because its taught me so much in the last few months and finally helped me decide what i want to do as far as careers in life
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now that that first post is up
its picture time lol

this was one of the first problems i had after i got the car, i noticed the brakes were subpar
so i decided to take them apart and loot at them and in the process i broke the two caliper mounting bolts on the driver side front hub, and basically all the slider pins were rusted in place

just showing the broken bolt heads, i had to literally melt them out of the hole with a torch
heres the main reason i took my brakes apart though^ one of my brake pads fell apart and destroyed one of my rear calipers =/ and as i was taking them apart i noticed my slider pins were stuck and thats why i took my front ones off too, if the rear ones were rusted in place then my front ones probably would be too
that whole ordeal was no fun btw, two days of hell working on my car trying to get the driver side front hub off and everything

ok now some more

these are the rims that came on my car, but all four tires are gone, they dont look like it from the side but in the midde theres like no tread left and they werent balanced and two of the rims were pretty curb thrashed and kinda bent

i got these for 150, from craigslist, they're 15's they had two brand new tires, and were all balanced
plus they were straight and not bent so i thought it was a good deal for now


another thing i did to my hood, ive seen a few people do it on these forums and kinda liked the way in looked but did it mostly for the extra cooling because my car at the time was giving me major overheating problems and it helped

just another picture showing it and what i used, metal bushings from my local hardware store plus longer bolts also from said hardware store

those are the vents on the front of the pig nose, i decided to cut them out for practicality (increased air flow), plus i think it looks better with actual vents lol

a pic of the mess i made from gutting my a/c system (didnt have an a/c belt and system needed to be charged, plus i was having overheating issues and i just decided fuck it imma take it out i dont use it anyways)

ahh theres a big empty space there! lol
oh since i had all this apart i also changed my water pump and thermo stat and rinsed the block out with the hose and stuff, same with the radiator

theres my engine bay before i actually took the ac stuff out, not the cleanest in the world, i put that cold air and breather on

a blurry pic of what my spark plugs look like, took it for my friend

the most recent mod ive done to my car, my friend gave me the fog lights and bought the wiring kit cus hes awesome like that lol

showing what it looks like at night, and i personally like it, it adds aaaaallllllllooooootttt to the over all light output compared to stock and they were free, plus the were already holes for me to mount them were i did (like nissan thought ahead lol)

well thats all i got for now
give me love or hate doesnt matter
ive put alot more work into her than i have pics of
like fixing the exhaust
deleting the cat
removing the p/s lines (had no pump or belt)
fixing the seats (passenger side had two bolts missing)
putting a different diff in it (300zx) (my friend wanted to trade, for his 89 coupe, i thought i might be getting rid of the car at the time and i was in no position to start drifting anytime soon and he was so i said sure)
and i also helped him with his clutch and flywheel job for the experience

well thats it for now ill post more later
hope to hear some input soon
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Looks dirty... But at least you're from MD.
im afraid not steve that says mo as in Missouri lol
and yes its dirty but its 20 years old lol, and ive actually taken a pressure washer to the engine bay
did that a week or so after i took that pic, it looks alot cleaner now if thats what you are referring to
well ive had an interesting couple days, my cars been good for a while then all of a sudden it broke down on me about a half houror so away from home, basically i was on the highway for like 20 min and it was good, then i got stuck in some stop and go traffic due to only having one lane open, and my car was ok but started to run a little warm but i turned the heat on and all was good, then a few minutes later it just dies on me... wtf?
so i try starting it and it just turns over and tries to start but wont, so i push it out of traffic pop the hood (its about 105 out by the way and my engine bay is even hotter then normal, i check my plugs wires, coil, anything that might cause it and try starting it again and it fires up, so just to be sure i hold it at about 2 grand for a bit and start moving and it seems ok so i have to stop again and as soon as i let off the gas...!
i try starting it again and pump the gas and itd trying to start but just wont, so i turn the key off and onn a few times try again and it fires up so i rev it again and as soon as i let off the im pissed now.
and basically rinse repeat two more times then finally i get it to stay alive and get out of traffic and im good, make it to the place i was going to (getting my speeding ticket taken care of) got that done and before i leav i pop the hood and check everything again
all seems well so i try starting it and it fires right up, i let it idle for a few minutes and its good so im like ok lets make it home baby (to my car) and i start driving home and its fine for about 2 miles, then i get to this light on a slight incline and dead again... aww f*&%
so im stuck at a light, on an incline so i cant push my car forward, cant roll backwards cus theres no where to roll it..
i sit there and try to get it to start again and am stuck there for 15 minutes
everytime id get it to start the light would turn red, as soon as it was bout to turn green it would die.
finally i manage to limp it across the intersection and go to pull in to a parking lot and it dies again, another 5 mintues pass before itll fire up and i finally limp it to safety.
called and let my mom know i needed help and she called AAA
waited about an hour for a tow truck and as i was waiting i tried to start it but it wouldnt (starter was basically toastvfrom me having to start it and hold it to get it to fire) finally got it to start one more time, it idled bout ten minutes, revved it a bunch and it seemed ok, so i back out put it in first start to move and just dead again, so i waited and got towed home, got home and was just done for the day
next day went out found a 92 hatch at a junkyard (3 other junkyards were no luck)
pulled out the radiator, fuel pump, fuel rail (for my friend) and started on the starter but ran out of time
came home put the fuel pump in (my tank was super clean but the sock on the pump was dirty though the pump was new (guy i bought the car from said he had changed it recently) and fuel filter, tried it out and it ran amazingly
so i guess it was my fuel pump or filter im not sure yet though havent had a chance to take it for a long drive
but that was my predicament, just posting my hell of a last few days
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Please hit the enter key more frequently.

Damn, the emblem between the two sets of numbers on the plate look a lot like the MD tags... Before we went gay with the new starts and stripes 200 plates.
lol will do next time

yeah this is our new plate type, i think its gay compared to our old one as well
so ive made a small list of things i need to do in the near future

1. fix my leaky ass sunroof, so annoying!:gaah:

2. relocate battery so i can make an actual cold air intake

3. pull off my iac and my aux air valve and see if i can clean them and hope that fixes my squeak noise at warm idle (its not my belt)

4. get some type of mesh stuff to put in front of radiator to help protect it from damage from possible debris (took my a/c out so its wide open to impacts)

5. figure out where the slight tick noise my motor makes is coming from and fix it hopefully

6. figure out why my car burns so much oil (besides the fact its got almost 170*** miles on it O rings and put the injectors i got from duballstar on after i make sure theyre good and clean

8.get new and or reseal my tail lights cus they leak

9. get a new hatch and or get the spoiler holes on mine fixed (poor bondo job by previous owner)

10. pull motor and clean engine bay and get rust fixed!!!!! and also take off even more useless emissions crap i currently cant get off

11. swap and or build my sohc for something faster

12. get actual rims for my car

thats all i can think of at the moment
and no this isnt in an order of real importance

more of a "i typed them down as they came to my head" sort of thing but the first 5 or so are pretty high up there

oh and any info on what all can be gutted from the engine bay would be much appreciated

so far ive removed

a/c system, accept for piece under dash i want to remove it too but im not sure on difficulty

power steering (cus im a man lol) no it didnt have a pump when i got it and just decided to gut what was left

that stupid black box next to the header and all of that stuff, i cant think of the name but it was attached to the exhaust

cruise control

and ive started pulling vac lines but i want to keep my egr for the moment unless it will not significantly affect my gas mileage like ive been told, and i need to know what all i can pull without effecting mpg

and i was also wondering if i can get rid of that charcoal canister thingy and those lines as well or will it again effect mpg

and i got a newer radiator from the junkyard and it came with and electric fan on it, i plan on wiring it up, whats the best way to do this? should i just use a toggle switch like my fog lights or a temperature switch, or should i wire it to my ignition?

and once i get it wired up should i keep my clutch fan just incase or should i be ok without it?

hope i hear some replies out of you guys, im really trying to get into the whole world of 240s and would love some help
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Wire it up through a switch like the fog lights. Or temp. Same thing. Cause it should only be used when your running a little hot. So if you have it on a swaitch only use it in like stop and go.

I was told to use a temp switch but never got around to it cause i removed my electric fan. It ran cooler with the clutch fan. If i could have fit both i would have. If you can do it, do it
yeah both do fit, its atcually a fan for the a/c off a 92 hatch, i took the whole radiator and fan shroud with the fan as well cus that car had the clutch fan as well so they both fit, but thanks for the input, i'll keep both, and will probably just have it on another switch cus i wont need it at all in winter, actually maybe once it starts getting cold ill take my clutch fan off and only run off the electric fan that way i can keep it turned off at first so my car warms up a little faster
Lookin good. What's your plans?
im not sure it depends alot on funding, i would like to do alot, such as swap it (not sure as to which platform though), fix the cancer spots or get a new shell (which id prefer), put some better rims and rubber under it, and get it painted correctly

im not trying to turn it into a strictly anything car, i want it get sideways when i want it to, but also handle like a champ in the corners, but most of all i wanna be able to blow the doors off all the cocky v8 domestic ******* around here

if im just cruisin and some douche bag in a v8 drives by all cocky and asks me to race i want to make him eat his words
if i can get that out of my car i will be happy, even if it still looks the way it does now

but i really need to find a better job for that to happen, right now im lucky if i make 100 bucks a week basically

oooohhhh yyyeeeeaaaaahhhhh 5 horse power! lol
just had to post this for you guys lmao
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haha i want that sticker now!
oh and i wired up that electric fan today, just used a toggle switch, it pulls so much air through the radiator it makes the clutch fan spin even though the motors off lol
now i should never have to worry bout runnin hot
still need to take pics but i relocated my battery to the other side of the engine bay and put my intake where the battery was so no more radiator heat soak

i havent noticed any improvements yet but im also no 100% done with it
cool shit bro. good to see you progressing. post up the pics.
pics or GTFO
ill post pics tonight ipromise tonight as in sunday the 15th night
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