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Swap from a s13 to a s14 fit?

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So I crashed my car last week tuesday and was looking for another shell. I found a Zenki s14. And I was just wondering if everything will match up and bolt up? I.E. sr20det motor I have in the s13, the trans etc, etc.
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sorry to hear about your crash. you alright?

no not everything will not bolt up. you will have to re do the wiring, the driveshaft is different, you will need to modify/make new mounting brackets for your FMIC (assuming you have one).

unless I am missing something, your fine other then that. none of that is a big issue.
I got some back pains....Some douche ran me off the road(he was coming head on towards me) so i avoided him and he ran -_-.

I believe the s14 comes with the drive shaft and Diff. I think it might even be a KAZZ. But whats so different about the wiring?
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On one car, the wiring harness only goes down one side, and on the other, it goes down both sides. I can't remember, correctly, but I think the S14 has the wire harness going down both sides.
^I beleive so too

and ouch, that doesnt look too good
ouch, damn that sucks bro. hope your insurance covers everything. i hate people that drive all stupid for no reason. GL with everything bro...
Thanks guys.....unfortunately I didn't have full coverage -_-. And if I did that car would have been totaled. For the harness did you mean the ecu harness?
yeah ecu/body harness
dang. What should I do then. Just extend the s13 wires so I can run it on one side?
Is this the only harness thats important that im going to swap from the s13 to the s14. Sorry, this is my first sr20 swap -_-

You need to remove the glovebox and kick panel to get to the ECU and the wiring harness.

Use a phillipshead screwdriver to remove the two screws on the glovebox mounting tabs.

Remove the four bolts holding the glovebox reinforcement.

Next you need to remove the clips and bolts holding the kick panel on.

Rocker panel.

Door jam.

Lower kick panel.

Upper kick panel near the kick panel light.

Done, but don't yank it out...

because you have to disconnect the harness for the kick panel light.

ECU and wiring harness.

Use a phillipshead screwdriver to remove the two bolts holding the ECU to the chassis. This is the lower bolt...

and this is the upper bolt.


Disconnect this brown harness.

Use a 10mm socket to remove the bolt holding the wiring harness to the ECU.



There is another harness that needs to be unplugged here.

There is a fastener on the wiring harness that holds it to the chassis here...remove it.

Use a prybar to remove the rubber stopper on the firewall.

Slowly start pulling the wiring harness through the hole in the firewall.

You may have to go inside and work it through but eventually it comes out.

Done! Upper engine harness. If you plan to have the wiring done through a wiring service you will need your SR, CA, RB, etc. wiring harness and the KA upper engine wiring harness to send out to them.
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