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Sway bar help

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So I'm finishing up things on my RB25 swapped 240sx, and I have run into the problem of the sway bar hitting the oil pan. I don't want to try spacers (already tried making my own), and I want to buy a sway bar that works the first time. I found the sikky sway bar, and it seems to be the only one on the market to give a large amount of room between the sway bar and oil pan.

-The sway bar sikky sells is 32mm thick
-I will need to buy a rear sway bar to match the added stiffness in the front
-I don't know what size rear sway bar to buy (my guess was 28mm)
-I want my car to have a neutral feel (minimal understeer/oversteer)
-Tein lowering springs is the only suspension mod on my car
-It doesnt matter to me if the suspension is so stiff i can feel a credit card on the road

So my question is what sway bar for the rear would give my car a neutral feel? I'm not worried about ride quality at all, I just want my car to handle well. Sorry for the noobish question, I'm very ignorant when it comes to suspension. Any insight or advise is appreciated, thanks.

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