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Project: DER T SX (Dirtysex)

Ok. It is time. First off, if you dont know my previous Trails and Tribulations, you got some history to read up on.

My first 95 Base met its demise:

And I picked up this sucker for 2,500:

So this is where we stand:


Maxxspeed 1.75" Drop Progressive Rate Springs
KYB AGX Shocks
ES Polyurethane Sub frame Bushings
Drilled/Slotted Brembo Rotors
300zx Front Brakes


5 speed swapped all by myself!!! :heyhey
Custom Short Shifter
Synthetic Gear Oil
6 Puck Sprung Clutch
11lb Cromoly Flywheel
Excedy Pressure Plate


KA24DE (till da death)
Custom 3" SRI
Underdrive Pulley
110Amp Alternator
4-2-1 Headers
Hi Flow Cat
3" Catback, Dual Tip (son!)
Synthetic Oil

Long Grain Rice:

Motegi Touges 18X9 +12 front, 18X10 +30 rear
Redline goods leather shift/parking brake boots
Sounds System
Blue Guage Lights (jdm tite yo)

Things in my living room:

Nismo power brace

All in all pretty sad.

Now im going KA-t, needless to say. Once thats done im gonna figure out a way to twincharge this bad boi, and blow it up. Right now im doing turbo first, shooting for a modest 220-230 whp. Not too much to ask for right? Once im succesful, i will build the engine and proceed with the rest. Problem is im new to boosting and have a lot to experience, and twincharging isnt going to be easy so i will need some expert advice from you guys...

KA-t parts so far:

GT28 dual BB turbo with t3 flange. wtf?
370cc injectors


Spent so far:
Turbo - 250
Total: $324

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ugh good luck on tuning a twincharged motor but if you can do it and see a valid point to it then go for it

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twin charging is not twin turbo.

if you werent blind you would have seen that he said KA24DERT

R is for supercharged, T is for will be both.

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wait, twin charged means a fuckin turbo and a fuckin supercharger, not twin turbos you fucktards......unless you wanna coin a word like dualcharged...never heard of it


anyway, thanks to long grain i believe i stumbled upon a skyline gts-t if only i could determine whether this turbine wheel is steel or ceramic.. :heyhey

btw, wtf is so impossible about twincharging. it has very valid applications. take a look at the hp and torque curves of a stock ls7 and imagine emulating that....

and there is someone who can tune anything, i definitely will not be tuning it once i even GET to that point. its been done on nissan motors before, and it can be done again.

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yeah your right about twin charging... im trying to find out what term that one company used for its TT s/c-ed sti kit they sold for like 10k.

its not hard to calculate the tune, just get a trusty local guy to do it on a dyno and i dont imagine things other than the bottom end fuel adjustment would be off since things like timing are usually boost related adjustments (so it wouldnt matter what rpm, just what psi you are at).

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Eh, Not much of any update, but Ive been busy painting my eclipse....

Anyway, i tinted this bitch, 20% throughout and whored her out on the cam a bit....

And i picked up a lil something kinky for ms. 240sx to put on...heh heh and origin stylish frp kit...
You'd never guess how much i got it for lol..

Ill be spraying that and shit after i finish the turbo....

I also got a pair of Spencer's lenses...and i picked up some tsx projectors for a retro, will be doing that next. turbo is on hold cause I'm excited about HID lol.

Anyway, thats where I'm at. More to come.....
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