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testing waters 1989 sohc coupe

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this car is mint. has 144k miles on it and running strong. no problems at all. no rust newheres. has 17' motegi Mr7s tread on tires almost brand new. car has clean title. no dints, dents, dinks or nething. pics can be seen here new pics wit rims will be up shortly. in one of those pics the door looks like its a different color but its not. idk why it looks like dat. car is automatic. this car is a perfect car for swap. car is also running wit no problems at all. never smoked in and interior is clean as hell. looking to get 2500. car located in nj. u can hit me up on aim tjmhillz or email me at [email protected].
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i bought it for 600 bucks and put some rims on it and now want 2500?
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