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The Forza Motorsport 3 Thread

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Made this thread to have anything and everything related to FM3. That includes Racing in the Game, Drifting, Online Play, Download content, EVERYTHING.

XBL GT: xKA240SX 808x
(Yeah I know there's a thread for that but this is solely for FM3 players. Nobody cares about MW2 ;) lol

Right now on the Marketplace (Or under the Spotlight tab on the Dash) They have some of the car packs on sale going for 240pts. They normally go for 400pts. Get them while you can if you don't have them already. IDK when the sale is suppose to end but it started this Monday so I'm assuming either Today or on Sunday. Get them while you can.
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Fix my car :)

Or tune my r34. Make it better so it can be godly
Did you try the 33?
No i didn't cause you made it sound like it still drived like crap so i was not looking forward to it. Im going to send it back and i'll give you some money to fix it

Wow. IDK What you did to that R33 but it drives so much better. But understeers alotd doesnt grip to well. I detunned a little so i can run bigger tires. But still didnt help. What do you think i try next?
Send it back again. I'll see what parts you have. I didn't look at that. Just looked at the tune.
Well do. Are you on?
No I'm out shopping but I'll be back in a couple hours. What tires and size did you have?
I was running stocks, but it slides around EVERWHERE. So i upgraded. No the first one but the second size or width. IDK what it says cause my brothers tv is small
That's why it could have 500+whp lol

Did you send it? I didn't get it yet...
Eh, I got your GTR's. I sent your R34 back. It was pretty good to begin with but I think I made it a little better. Gatta put some finishing touches on the 33 and it should be good. Doesn't feel as fast as the 34 but the times are pretty close.
Where's my $1 Future?
I didnt even see this thread lol.

im enjoying my A class evo at the moment, have not tuned it yet though
I have to get it first.

But to anybody else who plays forza. ^ Can tune. Like really, he is now going to be my tuner. And i owe him a dollar for making my 370 be able to hold a drift, fucking magical

And that R34, i dont like it anymore lol, too slow. The r33 is so much faster, but very unstable and hard to drive compared to the r34. Im thinking of taking some shit off the r34 and making more power. What do you think?
box, pay 240kid, he does magic with tunes lol

The r33 was the worst car to drive, understeer over steer, sliding everywhere. Gave it to him, now its a beast.

Down for A class race? Ill see whats up with the evo
Jump in my room. I keep sending you guys invites.
Not me lol

Im on here? Dont you too people know i cant be two places at once haha. Thats my brother. Ill try to jump on after i shower. Just got back from the gym
I have a bunch of family over for supper so probably not anytime soon, maybe later tonight or something.
my brother is over and he is playing my career racking up some money for me lol, pretty pumped about that.

I want to buy a Ferrari real bad

edit: sorry kid, my brother called me over and said someone kept inviting him to partys so I sent you a message lol.
Damn you two lol. I work tonight :(
im sorry! tomorrow?
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