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Alright well there is a lot of useful information out there on the internet. Unfortunately a lot of it is scattered all over the place. This is my attempt to try and bring everything to one place. I have separated them into categories to the best of my ability in the time i have heh which is not a lot. Well here it is the 240SX Bible Volume 1 which consists of a collection of DIYs, How Tos, FAQs, Install Guides, and General Info...

ECU pinout diagrams.
Distributor Timing
Removing speed limiter on 93 KA24DET
DIY Ignition Mods for Better Spark
Sr20det Ecu Fault Codes
SR20DET ECU wiring diagram.
FAQ: KA ECU # Glossory
A long tutorial for tuning nissan's ECUs
How-To: Chip Your ECU with Pictures (KA24E)
Desoldering tips
Battery Relocation

Engine/Engine Info

How to build a KA24DE
How to: S13 Oil pan removal
How-to: Build Your Own Oil Cooler
S13 Red Top Vs. S13 Black Top - The differences
DOHC Turbo For Dummies
240sx Engine Descriptions
240SX How To: Removing/Replacing your PS pump
DIY: ITB's for your KA24DE
Basics of engine management
SR20DET Installation Guide
1993 240sx Capacities and Specifications
HOW-TO: Fix Your Timing Chain Rattle
KA24e to KA24de swap - Step-by-step.
240sx (S14) HotShot header install
Does my 240sx have a bad O2 sensor?
240sx knock sensor replacement
How to do a compression test on your engine
RB25DET into S13 Installation
Engine Knock (Detonation) Sensor Replacement (KA24DE)

How To: Convert from A/T to M/T
How to Swap Your Auto Transmission for a 5-speed
Changing transmission fluid / oil on s13
How to install paddle shift on an automatic 240SX
240sx Clutch and Flywheel Swap
S14 auto -> manual with pics
Clutch Swap

240sx: Installing a Walbro Fuel Pump
240sx: Replacing Your KA24DE Fuel Injectors
DIY: Installing an injector resistor box
Nitrous Oxide FAQ

Bobby's DIY turbo oil feed/return lines install
Turbo rebuild DIY
Turbocharging your automatic-trans car

Changing differential oil/fluid, 92 240sx, synthetic gear oil, open differential
The Definitive 300ZX Brake Swap!
Advanced Suspension Definitions
Rear differential swaps for the 240sx
Rexbo’s Guide to the s13 to s14 Front 5-Lug Conversion
Rexbo's Guide To Brake Caliper Rebuilding
240sx curb weights
All you ever wanted to know about differentials
Upgrading to J30 Brakes
ABS Removal

Removing the S13 Door Panel Fabric
Low-budget seat modification for S13
Re-covering Your S13 Glove Box
DIY: Window regulator repair 5$
DIY: Dye That Ugly Carpet!!!!! W/pics
Water leaking into trunk (240sx fastback)
Camera Mount

HOW TO: Repaint Headlight Housing (Black)
DIY: Replacing Your Rusted Hatch
240sx Conversions - An Introduction
Sleepy Eyes walkthru (VID)
240sx Vented Hood DIY
Rust removal, Fiberglassing, and Body Filler
DIY: Silvia Foglight Wiring
All-red S13 Taillights
Restoring your Nissan's paint
240sx power antenna repair
Article: General car cleaning/detailing tips

Factory Service Manuals/Diagrams
Factory Service Manuals (FSMs)
Your home for factory service manuals
Parts Lists / Diagrams / Setting Sheets

HowStuffWorks Articles
How Manual Transmissions Work
How Differentials Work
How Turbochargers Work
What is the difference between a turbocharger and a supercharger on a car's engine?
How Car Engines Work
How Clutches Work
How Car Computers Work
How Fuel Injection Systems Work
How Car Suspensions Work
How Anti-Lock Brakes Work
How Master Cylinders and Combination Valves Work
What does it mean when a car has dual overhead cams?
How Camshafts Work

Now obviously people out there will think that there are some links missing to this bible and that is obviously true. That is where you guys come in. If you think that there is a useful link that should be in here the please post it and I will add to it. The bigger this thing is the better.

Oh and to some of the sites you have to be a registered user (and some you even have to have a certain amount of posts like night-stalkers) before you can view the material. I wish that this wasn't the case because information should be readily available but I guess I see where they are coming from.

Well thanks for looking

EDIT: added a few more links plus your's nightkid (thanks)

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I have one problem with the "How To Build A KA24DE'' thread. Great pics, pretty good writeup. However, plastigage is probably the worst way to check clearances between the journals and the housing bore. If you are planning on building an engine for high performance, you need an accurate measurement. Go out and buy a dial bore gauge and an outside micrometer. This is the MOST accurate way to measure. The only time I would ever use plastigage is if the engine was still in the car and I was putting a new crankshaft in.

Also, If the main housing bore is out of alignment and has to be honed or bored back to specs, you don't have to get oversize OD bearings. While it's at the machine shop, have them take a little of the flat part of caps and where they mate on the block. Then your bore is smaller than it was and you can align hone it back to factory specs and use normal bearings. This is just an alternative if oversize OD bearings are more expensive, or harder to find. I haven't done research into that part yet. I'm just starting.

Overall, good write up though.

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Cleaned up all the whoring, like I've said everywhere else, there should be no more whoring here after this post.

If you have something you recommend adding to this, add a link and a short description what the link is of, and I will make sure it is added to this list.

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also, all of this can be found at if you didn't already know... +- a couple things that is. not my site but did find it a while back.

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Ok so i have a question. I wandered what the actual weight of the SR20 is. or a round about estimation. I hear alot about the RB26 swaps but how the weight diff isnt worth the horsepower gain. Is that true? or just a way to make themselves feel better about not being able to afford the RB?

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weight is a silly issue when it comes to motor swaps. unless its drastic. an RB26 is not drastic.but it sounds like a pipe dream to me.

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no i just purchased a 96 240sx and had a few grand left over. I was told to dump it into the SR...ut im tired of seeing that swap done. So ive been looking around and i can get a R33 front clip for about 3k and I KNOW i cant put it in myself much work. so another 2k im shure to have the conversion applied. my bank allows me to do it but i didn't know if it would be worth it in the long run. just looking for some advice. I personaly live in bucktown lol so a 240 is rare anyways so i almost dont care. but as i said you open a superstreet anymore and boom 15 silvias with sr20's so yeah im looking to spice er up. also is it true that you have to re-route crap to make it work with left side drive?

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K i have plans on putting the s14 sr20 det motor in my 1990 240sx is this swap possible for me year and if so is it as easy as the s13 swap. I have been researchin alot and thought why not just get the advice from someone that can respond back. What all do i need to buy to make this swap look really nice to wear you lift up your hood and people freak.

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I looked at a couple of these and it is very helpful! I havn't looked through the whole thing yet but I hope there is one about air intake. Mine is cracked.
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