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Tires rubbing inside the fender well

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So i have a 92 240sx coupe that i recently installed a set of 17x9 +24 i think mustang cobra wheels. I have 225/45/17 tires on all 4 wheels.
The car is on Stance coils

My question is this:

Up front the wheels rub a lot inside the wheel wells in the front of the car. Not necessarily on the fender itself but on the metal surrounds and that sort of stuff inside the wheel well. Its super annoying and you can hear it basically anytime the car hits a bump or if i turn fairly hard.

I know a lot of people run wide wheels on these cars, what do you normally do for the car in this situation?

Do i just raise the car or stiffen the coilovers or something?

also, the car is being set up for drifting. Is this just too low for functionality's sake?

Thanks in advance

here is the car/wheels:

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raise the car, pull the fender wells out, roll the fender lips, pull the fenders out.
i like the stance you currently run. but if you want to be that low, you need to remove the plastic fender wells. relocate the harness to the side of the frame (check my build thread for pics). and you need to flatten that protruding piece of metal, then you shouldnt rub on anything. as far as function goes, if you get pbm or spl solid subframe bushings it will raise the subframe a 1/2" and should correct your suspension geometry a lil. i cant really tell how low you are, but just look at the angle of the tie rods & lca's. if there is more than about a 15 degree angle you should raise it or get adjustable tie rod ends & taller ball joints "roll adjusters". i have my car set up to about 2-3/4" of frame clearance & it handles just fine. the lca's are just about parallel w/the ground. but i looks like you may be lower than that, i know those coils can go really low
The plastic is gone and the fenders are rolled, It's rubbing on the protruding metal up top and some spots just around the fender well as well. I've been told that getting 215/45/17 would help a lot too, a little less tall of a tire.

As for the subframe bushings, i see that the SPL's are about 150 or so. what is PBM? i can't seem to find that.

I do like the stance it is at, but the control arms are definitely not parallel to the ground. How much would that whole setup cost? it might be worth it to splurge on some decent suspension parts, thats the focus of this build.

And we have about the same ground clearance. On flat ground I have about ~3" of clearance from the frame
215/45-17 is less wide than 225/45-17, not less tall. Go down to a 40 series tire if you want less tall, and +1 on everything that Carp said. My car is low, but not quite as low as yours and my suspension arms are not parallel to the ground. I also have rear subframe inserts, I am not sure what brand, but I also have all of my arms replaced, except for the LCAs front and rear. My tie rods are probably at about 5 degrees because I have aftermarket ends, with spacers that placed them lower on my knuckle. Roll center adjusters are on the list, but that opens up a whole different world of suspension tuning (and not mention they can be expensive, depending on what option you go with), and this will have to wait, depending on what happens with my upcoming re-assignment.
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