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tomei turbos ...

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What does everyone think about the new tomei M7960 and M8270 turbos? I am thinking about ordering the M8270 very soon before they are all sold out. Price is $1251.95 which is in the same range as the gt2871 but from what I have read this turbo has more technology and development to make more power.
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I would really like to know more about these when do they fully spool? what power can you make with them?...I read all about them on tomei's sight but I would really like to know the comparison of spooling times between these turbos and the GT2871R....If you get one of these please let us know how it is
yeah I have been working alot of overtime to get it this month too. I would say in week or so I will get but I want a headgasket and the cams also ... expensive. I might get the turbo first.
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