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trans question

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aight, i have a question about the trans. i did some searching, but i didnt find much. a lot of forsale threads and what not. ill search some more later when i get out of work tomorrow. anyway, the other day the shifter seamed like it was stuck in 1st and i had to yank it out. (not extremely, but some force) i had to do that about 2-3 tims. since then, no issues with sticking. now about 2 days later, 1st gear seems to pop out of gear (only when i shift into it). i think my transmission is going out, or well my 1st gear syncro. im not sure what do you think. it only happens in 1st. its poping out all time. i can even feel it shift into 1st, and when i start to disengage the clutch it just revs as if in neutral. and when i try to push it back in right away it grinds. when i pull it into neutral and move the shifter from row 1 to row 3 to ensure its in neutral i put it back into 1st and it grabs like it never had any problems. and it has been repeating this badly since last night. i just want to know if it could be my shifter (high hopes) but i think it is my trans. anyway, what do you think?
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shit, aight thanx. i was thinking the same thing.....
i did some searching at work(autozone) and i looked up the transmission for the s13 sohc/dohc and the s14 dohc. the transmissions for all these engines have the same part number. which leads me to believe all the trannys are the same. this true?? because i found a trans w/ less than 60k for $450 from a s14....
Yes, with the exception of the S14 Trans having a Crank sensor on the Bellhousing but will not affect the install any bit.
fluid level?
Yeah, I was going to suggest that. Old Fluid and low levels can cause the symptoms of worn synchros.
when i last swapped my fluids the mech told me that i needed a rebuild i guess it is time. its been like 2 or 3 months since ive swapped it. oh well, i found another trans near me that has 140k for $200. also comes with the drive shaft and flywheel. so, if i get that one, ill sell the other 2.....ill let you guys know...
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