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turbo ? nos kit ? just want power without blowing my block

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hi everyone
i bougth a 240sx non-turbo few weeks ago ! its great but i want more power .
My stock engine has about 155 hp. So i was wondering if i would need to forge my engine i want to put a turbo on it. Of course id buy the complete turbo kit with a front mouth intercooler.
Also, i always were a great nos kit fan :p. would my engine blow if i put a nos kit without forging it ?
I have a lot of money to put in this car so let me know wath i should do to reach at least 210 hp.
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First off, why did you put this into the RB section? Here, I'll help you put on the fire resistant suit, before you get burnt. Search, and you'll find your answer. Also, if you had searched, you would know that there are certain parts that are already forged in your little motor. Read the stickies, specifically in the KA24 section. Oh, what's a NOS kit? NOS is a company that sells nitrous oxide kits and many companies sell nitrous oxide kits. The appropriate nomenclature would be N2O. K-thanks....

there is plenty of information on the forums pertaining to HP gains, and such. Read the beginners section and the KA24 engine section for more details.

before i lock this:

to hit 210WHP you need a low boost T25 or T28 and the required supporting modifications. No motor build is needed until ~300whp.

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