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Unique s13's

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^ s13 convertible with a front and rear FY31 Cima conversion

^s13 hatch with 280z front clip I like this 1.

^silvia conversion

^I believe it's the s13.5 I'm in love.

^s13 hatch with 350z front clip?



Ok I've posted up some intereasting and some ugly s13's I wanna see what you all can find, I'm about to start doing work on my coupe or my hatch not sure what I'm gonna do yet but slang me some ideas. I'm thinking about going with a nice grafitti paint job lol. done professionally though I know a guy.
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Been covered before, but hey, why not contribute?


JZX90 Mark II tails:


Jdm Kouki conversion:

Drift conversion:

Sil80, by far one of the sexiest sil80's that's running around out there:

Pretty sure those are Honda Odyssey headlights:
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To correct you a little:

R32 with R34 front end, not an S13

4 Door R32 Skyline, not an S13:

Been done a million times, not unique:

Not a conversion, surprisingly S13 Silvias actually look like this ;)
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Yeah, the RHD on the last one was a bit of a giveaway. Anyways.

We have plenty of threads on conversions, it wouldn't surprise me if this got shut down. The only thing that I personally hadn't seen was the 350z, but eh. Not surprising. Anythings possible with enough welding and bondo.

And the pickup-ish rear end was done for a while.
personally, i havent seen the first one. but like boostin said, just about anything is possible w/ enough bondo/welding/crativity...... next thing you know, its going to have a cadillac deville front end, w/ ford focus rear tail lights....LMAO
I really like the red 1 also the orange that was above it. what kit is that???
is that a 300zx hatch????
I dunno, it looks crazy.
I could see skfury in this though.
lol, is it because of the piping or the stance?
Lol it looks crazy cause of that piping never seen that why lol. and I could see sk driving it cause of the whole overall car... it's suits him.
Pretty sick. But again with that ugly 350 front end and g35 rear

But the 370 front end is something ive not seen before
that last one looks like something that need to be in that movie Death Race

What the blimey hell?!
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lol exactly I was looking for ideas for 1 of my cars, but this is so much better.
Sorry to revive an old thread but s13sr20 beast is 100% right. I would drive the road warrior 240sx in an instant.
Sorry to revive an old thread but s13sr20 beast is 100% right. I would drive the road warrior 240sx in an instant.
You brought back a 17 month old thread to say that..
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