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very dumb question

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Im one of those guys who can know almost everything about a certain car but when shown any other car i become tech dumb. Ok so here it is-are the DOHC 240s equiped with open diffs? And are some quiped with VLSD? Now heres where ima bit confused. If you want to drift which would be more desirable to have-the open diff or VLSD? Or to make it simpler can i just install a 2-way in either one...this is all very new to me since i love hachi's
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The base models have Open Diffs and The SE"s have VLSD

A VLSD is more disierable because you want both tires to spin not one


sp*? lol
yes vlsd is more desirable than an open diff for drifting. but a 2-way lsd is a better choice if you really want to drift, since vlsd does not lock fully.

also see if your car has hicas or not. i haven't experienced it myself but i hear it s a no no with drifiting
Yeah i really dont know much about the hicas (perhaps you can fill me in) Also so is it possible just to purchase and just swap in a 2 way into either of em?
ok the Hicas was only for the hatch...ok well the one i was curious about was the coupe
Ok here's how it is Base Come w/ Crap Open Diff No Hicas

Most Se's came w/ a VLSD & Hicas

They do make a eliminator kit for to stop it

If you dont know what it is it is basicaly 4 wheel steering

I would say a 1.5 way is more desirable then 2 way if you are on the street more then the track

Some have said that the 2 way is faine But that is based on there definitiopns of s rough ride or good LSD

I dont know if You can Swap an LSD into the Open Diff assm but I know that You can swap one in The VLSD Assm :D

The Fa-Q has a lot of Info in it also :D

Srry alil OT :p
blk90s13 May I ask why your Pic says rb20?

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240 pure posy

I have 2 s13's one with a 400 small block chevy and another as a parts car. These rears are pretty simple to lock, I locked both rears as I was rebuilding them. Both of mine came with the limited slip so I was lucky. I rebuilt them to handle the high torque my motor puts on them plus im at 468 horsepower, but the rebuild was simple and my local speedshop converted the rear to a lock up for about 100 bucks, but I spent 1000's there so they hook me up.

the Rb20 is a pretty straight foward and cheap upgrade for a silvia//180sx.. I think japauto does a review on what you need. Last time i checked what u needed for parts, u could get one for around 2k inc new seals + case of beer for the mates that helped you lift the thing
yeah LSD seems to be the go for drifting.
That sucks that the fastbacks were the only ones that cake optional with the VLSD

Where is the coupe love?

Open diff- poor drift
LVSD- good drift
1.0/1.5 LSD- better drift
2.0 LSD – best drift...

The 1.0 locks up with acceleration
The 1.5 locks up with acceleration and parcel declaration
The 2.0 locks up with acceleration and locks up with declaration
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Ok so say i had a LE fastback and was open diff...does that mean i can order a KAAZ or any 2way and just pop open the pumkin(diff housing) and install it and be good to go?
u dont have factory vlsd, u have to buy the kaaz lsd for 240's that didnt come with optional vlsd....if u buy the kaaz lsd for 240's that came with optional vlsd, u will need the output shafts and i believe a different diff cover. i know everyone says open diff is horrible and vlsd and lsd are more desireable for drifting, but open diff is still good to practice on. if u can learn to slide good with an open diff, u will be even better once u get a vlsd/lsd. trust me, ive dealt with both.
HLSD from the S15
BLK90S13 can i have the oil cooler from your front clip :)
i vote for kaaz, get that. best bang for your buck
the guy didnt know if open diff or vlsd is better for drifting....dont tell him to drop in a kaaz 2-way....thats got bad news written all over it. learn on what u got then upgrade.
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