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VLSD Install Help!

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Ok, so my 90 240sx has an open diff no suprise. I bought a 1993 240sx parts car (smashed roof) that has an immaculate working VLSD. I know you can simply swap them, but does anyone know any links on a step by step. I used search and no luck as well as google. All i get is how to change your diff to j30 etc. I am new at this so just a simple tutorial on how to replace a diff would be great. Thanks
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this is as step by step as it gets. :: VLSD Swap Information

but its really not that hard. just use your stock s13 diff cover on the j30 diff & bolt it up to the car using the new axles. done
i was reading somewheres that the axles dont even need to be changed just remove the diff and put the new one in? correct me if im wrong but isnt the j30 diff entirely different then a 240sx vlsd?
on a s14 there the same besides gear ratio. s13 u need the rear cover and longer bolts or something like that. some say u need the j30 axles for the lsd to work due to the shafts being longer. ima use the lsd in a s13 pumpkin with the s13 gears...(just to gain lsd) then make it a ghetto 2way via shimming it...
240SX LSD Swap

according to this i can just switch the entire gear casings with diff inside it
if its a s13 to s13 swap then everything is the same thing. there is no swapping of anything needed.
12 axle bolts/nuts
4 drive shaft bolts/nuts
2 bolts under
2 bolts on the cover

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