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want to create a car similair to this

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he everyone i was looking for a new car, and i stumbled onto this

I personally think this car is great and want to try and make my own, maybe not with the orange paint, but still.

im new to 240sx and to cars in general. the most i can do is about an oil change.

i do need help trying to get all the parts together and any help would be great, or any tips for that matter.

also the artice about this car "Most Wanted: 1989 Nissan 240SX " says its a 1989, but with my research the 89 version has the pick up lights? right?

thanks in advance.
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im sorry a "S15 conversion" ??
ok so its like a s14 converting to a s15. what if i just buy a s15 how would that work? could i make this car with lets say a 1994 that already has a s15?

you want to start there... What you want to do is called a s13.5... You would be taking the front end of a S15 and putting it on a S13. S15s were never released in this country

Here ya go.

Good luck and listen to these other guys. They will point you in the right direction.
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A "real deal" S15:

The only option you have for a 13, that looks good IMO, S13 Silvia front end:

I've said it once, and I'll say it again, the S15 conversion is often dreamed about, but rarely achieved. It is overpriced, overdone, and usually looks like crap.
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RLong9514 that first pic you have up is that a s15?
A "real deal" S15
ahahahahahahahaha! :lol:

Yeah, that's what a near stock S15 looks like.
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