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weird idle

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so first off i searched and found noone else with a problem like this.
in my s13 i have an s14 ka and it doesnt idle for shit. it runs fine but it bucks and sputters sometimes under 2000 rpm. my injectors all have 10.9 ohms.
all thats really done under the hood is an obx underdrive pulley, lightened flywheel and intake where the battery was. when the motor was in my buddies car it idled and drove fine. he did tell me he thought the iac was dirty or bad. and i also took the egr off. i have another iac to put on but havent done it yet, if anyone has any ideas or thought that would be great.
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forgot to add that when i go to disable the fuel by pulling the pump fuse, it will idle fine
Could be a problem with the fuel pressure regulator.

well i just put a new rail on it cuz one of my injectors had alot of resistance in the windings. but it does idle when the fpr is unhooked.

and last time i checked codes i had knock sensor, egr, maf, and a/t trans to computer malfunction. its a 5 speed with a a/t ecu
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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